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    Synchronize Outlook with SimpleSYN

    The Outlook synchronization solution for your business

    • Sync Outlook between two or more Windows-PCs - in real-time
    • Always up to date - EMails, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes
    • Quick setup and easy to use
    • Ideal Sync tool for companies, teams and freelancers
    • Lauded by the trade press and our customers
    Outlook Synchronization
    with SimpleSYN

    The highlights at a glance

    • Sync Outlook in a local network or on the way via the internet
    • Powerful business functionality like a filter function and user administration
    • Comprehensive security through digital encryption
    • Cloudless syncing – your data is never stored online
    • Compatible with Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (Outlook 365)
    • Lifetime license, no additional monthly costs
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    highlights at a glance
    Martin Van Sickels
    „I have been using for several years. It is an excellent product and technical service, which is rarely needed, is excellent.“

    P. Taylor
    „SimpleSYN is my favourite Sync Tool. I synchronize my laptop and desktop and it`s easy to use. I LOVE it!“

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    come from all sectors
    c't 17/09

    Top test results in the computer journal c't

    In the 17/09 issue of the computer magazine, c't (German), a comparison test was made of various tools for synchronizing Outlook. SimpleSYN was one of the programs thoroughly tested (SimpleSYN version 2.0).

    The result:

    SimpleSYN performed admirably and is by far the most competitively priced tool of the comparison. The German magazine praised SimpleSYN for its simple and fool-proof setup. Highlighted was the point that the to-be-synchronized folders could be from any type of PST-files, Hotmail-Accounts and even Exchange-Mailboxes.
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    Top test results
    in the computer journal c't
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    The cloudless way to synchronize your Outlook Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes between multiple Computers - securely, easily and in real-time!

    Welcome to SimpleSYN! With SimpleSYN you can sync Outlook between two or more computers in a local network or independent of your location over the internet in real-time. SimpleSYN is the ideal sync software for Outlook for all companies, teams, government officials, freelancers or anyone who would like to synchronize their Outlook emails, calendars, contacts, tasks or notes automatically, safely and quickly.

    >> 10 reasons, why you should use SimpleSYN to synchronize Outlook <<

    In order to give you an opportunity to get a closer look at the Outlook synchronization yourself, we provide a free trial version on our download page that you can thoroughly try out without any limitations for 30 days. Sync Outlook 30 Days Free - Download SimpleSYN trial version!

    Sync Outlook Calendar between your computers

    SimpleSYN not only keeps your emails on all computers up to date, it also synchronizes your Outlook contacts, notes, to-do lists and sync your Outlook calendar between your desktop computer and your laptop and allows you to share your Outlook calendar with coworkers.

    Synchronize Outlook in a Network between multiple computers

    SimpleSYN Standard is convenient for all users who seek to synchronize Outlook on various computers automatically in a local network. Synchronize your Outlook data between laptop and desktop PC or use the handy synchronization tool to use Outlook collectively in a team. As SimpleSYN negates the need for a costly server you save money for the cost of the purchase as well as the continued expense of constant server support.

    Outlook Sync via the Internet

    With the SimpleSYN business version you`re not only able to sync Outlook within a local network but also over the internet – worldwide, independent of a cloud service, and regardless of your location. The connection is versatile. In your local network you can still synchronize Outlook via LAN/WLAN, when away on business you can sync Outlook securely via the internet. Additionally, the business version comes equipped with a potent filter function. This is ideal e. g. for synchronizing exclusively business appointments while leaving private appointments untouched by the Outlook synchronization.

    Installation and set-up of SimpleSYN

    The SimpleSyn software is very easy to use, simply install the program on all computers that need to be synchronized with one another. The handy set-up wizard will automatically start after the installation and enables even inexperienced users to easily configure the sync tool themselves. After set-up, SimpleSYN is ready for use and you can start the Outlook sync right away.

    Compatible with Windows 10 and Outlook 2016

    SimpleSYN runs on Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 and can synchronize Outlook 2016 (Outlook 365), Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2007. The Outlook sync also works in mixed environments.