Internet synchronization with SimpleSYN 2.1 Business

In order to synchronize over the Internet with SimpleSYN the SimpleSYN server must be reachable over the Internet. To this end SimpleSYN uses the Microsoft® Peer Name Resolution Protocol (

You have the following options of establishing a connection to your SimpleSYN-Server:

1. Your SimpleSYN client is part of the same local network

SimpleSYN clients in the same local network as the SimpleSYN server will locate it immediately, and you can choose the SimpleSYN server from the selection list. After the initial connection you can remove the SimpleSYN client from the local network and synchronize your Outlook®-Data worldwide.

2. Your SimpleSYN client is not part of the same local network

To establish a connection to your SimpleSYN server from outside of your local network over the Internet, the SimpleSYN server has to be made known to the SimpleSYN client. To do this you can either promote the SimpleSYN server to attain a unique Service ID, or save an invitation file. The SimpleSYN client will then receive a unique public key from the SimpleSYN server for the purpose of identification over the Internet.