Version 3.5

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Press on your server computer inside of SimpleSYN’s main window once the “Alt” key to open the main menu and choose the menu item “View > State Properties.

If you open the state database properties (Tab “General”) on the server, do you see any old client that is not synchronized anymore (you can see this from the last synchronization date)? 

If yes, please click on this client and click on “remove”. This will delete the status for the selected client will make some space available in the status database.

Category: Operation, Version 3.5, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

To call up the Configuration Wizard again, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the SimpleSYN user interface
  2. Press the “Alt“ key to show the SimpleSYN menu 
  3. In the menu under “Help” activate the entry “Show Configuration Wizard on next startup“
  4. Exit SimpleSYN. To do so right-click on the SimpleSYN symbol in the Windows system tray and choose “Exit”

The next time SimpleSYN is opened the configuration window will be displayed again.

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Provided you have made changes to the default settings of the color categories, you will have to manually set up the list of color categories (formerly main category list) identically on all computers. The category list is not synchronized by SimpleSYN. The assigned categories in the items, however, are kept and synchronized by SimpleSYN.

Category: Operation, Version 3.5, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

If a computer is not reachable over network or Internet, then the synchronization is carried out as soon as the computer is back in the network or online and SimpleSYN has established a connection with the SimpleSYN server.

All Outlook items that were changed or created up to that point are automatically recognized and synchronized by SimpleSYN.

Category: Operation, Version 3.5, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

The synchronization is not carried out in specific intervals, but rather as needed. As soon as the SimpleSYN client and SimpleSYN server have a connection the synchronization is carried out continuously and virtually in real-time.  After the initial synchronization only changes to the Outlook database are exchanged. The Outlook synchronization runs automatically in the background.

Example: If a new e-mail is received, an existing e-mail is changed, deleted of moved, SimpleSYN will immediately synchronize this action on all computers. SimpleSYN checks if the target folder already contains the e-mail. If the e-mail does not exist it is synchronized into the folder. If the e-mail already exists it will only be synchronized if a change has occurred. If the target computer is not reachable, the e-mail is synchronized as soon as the computer establishes a connection over the local network.

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Licenses for the SimpleSYN standard version and the SimpleSYN business version are lifetime licenses, prices are one-time costs (no monthly/annual fees).

You purchase a SimpleSYN license for long-term use without any recurring billing or time limits on use. All updates within the same main version (eg version 5.0 to version 5.0.1, etc.) are included. Major upgrades to new versions (eg version 5.x to version 6) are optional and available for an additional low price.

Category: Purchase, Version 3.5, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

Please direct these questions to our payment partner Digital River GmbH (share-it!). 


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This message can be triggered by flawed Add-Ins from Third Party manufacturers. Outlook Add-Ins from Third Party manufacturers can hinder communication between SimpleSYN and Outlook.

Known problems: You may receive this message if you have the Apple Mobile Device Support Add-In installed, which is automatically installed by iTunes. The Add-in may make the PST file unusable for other applications when Outlook is shut down. Then SimpleSYN will also no longer be able to access the PST file.

To avoid the problem do not close Outlook while SimpleSYN is running.

If you are not using iTunes to synchronize an iPhone/iPod with Outlook, you could also deactivate the Add-in in Outlook.