SimpleSYN Version 5 released

06 May 2019 - Update 01 July 2020

Today, we released the new major version 5 of SimpleSYN. In addition to the normal installation version of Outlook 2019, Version 5 also supports Office 365 from the Microsoft Store. In the new version, the synchronization engine has been completely redesigned. With the new engine, SimpleSYN synchronizes more reliably and faster than any other version before. Also, SimpleSYN now supports networks with HTTP(S) proxy servers. Many minor enhancements (including advanced network settings, conflict resolution revision, and better conflict detection) and optimizations complete the upgrade.

The license prices have stayed the same compared to the previous version; for all customers who already have version 4 in use, we offer discounted upgrades.

The following improvements / changes are included in version 5:

  • NEW: Supports Outlook 2019 (Office 365)
    SimpleSYN supports the latest Outlook generation, but remains downward compatible with the previous versions
  • NEW:  Supports Outlook 365 from the Microsoft Store
    SimpleSYN not only supports the normal Outlook installation version of Office 365, but also Office 365 installed from the Microsoft Store
  • NEW: Support for HTTP(S) Proxy Server
    SimpleSYN can now be operated in networks that use HTTP (S) proxy servers
  • NEW: Advanced network settings
    The network connections used by SimpleSYN can now be configured in the advanced options. In the advanced options it is also possible to activate a user-defined connection, for example to run SimpleSYN on local networks without an internet connection
  • NEW: Improved conflict resolution and conflict detection
    Faster conflict resolution directly in the conflict list, as well as improvements in conflict detection
  • Improved performance
    Greatly improved performance during in the initial synchronization, as well as in the transmission of multiple elements
  • Improved synchronization
    Improved change detection, improved error handling, and improved detection of different synchronization states
  • Improved support for high resolution displays
    SimpleSYN has been optimized for displays with high DPI
  • Improved synchronization of distribution lists
    Distribution lists with many recipients are better supported
  • Improved selection of folders in the sync settings
    Default folders are now mapped, even if the folder names are different (for example, sent items <> sent objects)
  • Revision of how the filter works (business version)
    If the filter settings for an already synchronized folder change in the future, filtered-out items are not visible anymore for SimpleSYN and are considered a deletion
  • Optimized data transfer for changes
  • Improved export / import of data
  • Many other improvements and optimizations
  • Bug fixes


SimpleSYN Business v5
SimpleSYN Standard v5

Installation instructions:

If you are already using SimpleSYN, then uninstalling the previous version is not necessary.
Since the synchronization routine has been revised and optimized, SimpleSYN has to be set up again.
The initial synchronization will be run through once again.

Upgrade to the new SimpleSYN major Version 5.0 and get a discount

If you`ve already purchased a license for SimpleSYN v4, you`ll receive a discount on the upgrade for SimpleSYN v5.

  • The upgrade from SimpleSYN Standard Version 4.x to version 5 would cost per PC 14,95 Euro (incl. 19% VAT)
  • The upgrade from SimpleSYN Business Version 4.x to version 5 would cost per PC 24,95 Euro (incl. 19% VAT)

If you are interested, please send us an email to and tell us your invoice number and date of purchase.