Version history

Version 3.0 (Build 5122) released 3/22/2013:
  • NEW: The Setup now installs SimpleSYN now automatically with the correct platform e.g., if Outlook 2010 64-bit or Outlook 2013 64-bit is detected, SimpleSYN will be installed in 64-bit too. Otherwise the 32-bit version will be installed
  • NEW: Allows the usage of custom connection configurations
  • Fixes a problem where the configuration wizard might hang for a few seconds
  • Fixes the problem where the SimpleSYN server stays offline
  • Fixes a problem if unexpected characters are used in the Outlook profile name
  • Fixes the crash when the security communication between SimpleSYN client and server fails
  • Fixes the crash when drawing the SimpleSYN main window if some Windows settings changes
  • Fixes a crash if a PST-file is being locked
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.0 (Build 5022) released 2/22/2013:
  • Enhances the reliability of SimpleSYN
  • Better support for IMAP accounts in Outlook 2013
  • SimpleSYN now uses the default waste folder instead of a sub folder for its deletions. This prevents reminders being shown for deleted items
  • Enhanced compatibility with third-party synchronization tools
  • The SimpleSYN add-in could prevent Outlook from sending emails if more than one data files are available
  • Enhanced sorting of duplicates in the Duplicate Finder
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations
Version 3.0 (Build 5008) released 2/8/2013:
  • Fixes a problem that could cause duplicated items
  • Minor bug fixes

New Version 3.0 released 2/7/2013

  • NEW: Support of Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • NEW: Support of Outlook 2013 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • NEW: New User Interface and optimization for Windows 8
  • NEW: Support for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012
  • NEW: Support for fast user switching. SimpleSYN can now be used by more than one user simultaneously
  • NEW: Support for Microsoft terminal server
  • NEW: New network connection. The synchronization via the internet is now also possible if some intermediaries like ISPs, firewalls or routers are blocking protocols required by version 2.1
  • NEW: Optimized set-up
  • NEW: Optimized synchronization when using more than 10 clients
  • NEW: Enhanced duplicate finder
  • NEW: The new version is now based on .NET Framework 4
  • Bug fixes and optimizations
Version 2.1 (Build 4189) released 6/23/2011:
  • Solves a problem where SimpleSYN could reset its settings under certain conditions
  • Enhanced support for Exchange public folders
  • Enhanced support for Outlook 2010 (64bit)
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 2.1 (Build 3936) released 10/16/2010:
  • NEW: Improved communication
    • The communication was reconfigured to the Windows Communication Foundation and the "Peer Name Resolution-Protocol (PNRP)"
  • NEW: Improved security
    • The communication is digitally encrypted with AES 256-Bit in the standard setting
  • NEW: Improved conflict resolution
  • NEW: Improved SimpleSYN client configuration
    • The configuration of the SimpleSYN client computer is now separated and automatically installed in the standard setup. That means Windows users are no longer required for individual synchronization settings
  • NEW: Improved user administration/assignment of user privileges
    • SimpleSYN does not only make use of the Windows/domain user, but also has its own internal user administration. This allows the assignment of user privileges to be quickly and easily realized by SimpleSYN users
  • NEW: Internet synchronization (only Business Version)
  • NEW: Filter function (only Business Version)
  • NEW: The synchronization can now be paused
  • NEW: The folders are now sorted alphabetically in the synchronization settings
  • NEW: The user interface has been visually improved
  • NEW: The documentation has been completely revised
  • NEW: Support of Outlook 2010 (32bit/64bit) 
  • The synchronization settings on the SimpleSYN clients are no longer deleted by locking the Outlook pst
  • Data files are now shown sorted in the synchronization settings
  • Improved recognition of duplicates
  • Improved allocation of items during the initial synchronization
  • Synchronization problems between exchange servers were rectified
  • Improved firewall check and approval under Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Several smaller bug fixes and optimizations
Version 2.0 (Build 3512) released 8/21/2009:
  • NEW: Windows7 is now supported
  • Better Unicode handling
  • Enhanced Windows Firewall detection
Version 2.0 (Build 3496) released 7/29/2009:
  • Enhanced support for long folder names, when using other encodings as Latin
  • Enhanced compatibility with some system tools, which are deleting temporary files
Version 2.0 (Build 3455) released 6/18/2009:
  • A rare problem when creating new Outlook folders is fixed
  • A compatibility problem between SimpleSYN and other Outlook add-ins is fixed
  • An error when exiting SimpleSYN while synchronizing is fixed
  • Several minor bug fixes and optimizations
Version 2.0 (Build 3434) released 5/28/2009:
  • NEW: SimpleSYN 2.0 does now include automatic updates
  • When switching the active Outlook profile, SimpleSYN has sometimes started to synchronize too many items again. This problem is fixed with this release
  • When synchronizing the folder which is used for deleted items, SimpleSYN stopped working. This folder can no longer be synchronized
  • SimpleSYN sometimes stopped working if an invalid target folder was specified. This problem is fixed now
  • Several minor bug fixes and optimizations
Version 2.0 (Build 3407) released 4/30/2009:
  • Problems with special characters like ‘/’ in folder names are fixed
  • Performance and memory usage optimized if a lot of folders are synchronized automatically
  • Performance optimization while synchronizing many similar items
  • Invalid Outlook profiles will not crash SimpleSYN anymore
  • None existing folders on the client side will now be created automatically while configuring a client
  • Minor optimization and bug fixes

New Version 2.0 released 3/27/2009

  • NEW: Intuitive user interface
  • NEW: Setup is carried out in a few steps through a configuration wizard
  • NEW: Improved system capacity, quick data adjustment
  • NEW: Different Outlook folders can get synchronized with several computers to exclude in that way certain items from the synchronization
  • NEW: Synchronization of several computers with individual synchronization setting
  • NEW: Extensive solutions for synchronization conflicts (manually, completely automatically)
  • NEW: Selection, which Outlook element should get synchronized
  • NEW: New security setup
  • NEW: With the version 2.0 an altered license and price model is getting introduced
  • NEW: New feature "Duplicate finder"
  • NEW: Better supports of Windows Vista
Version 1.3 (Build 5092) released 1/2/2007:
  • Under certain circumstances SimpleSYN.NET could prevent emails from being send if the outbox folder was opened
Version 1.3 (Build 5088) released 12/8/2006:
  • NEW: SimpleSYN.NET supports Microsoft Vista and Outlook 2007 now
Version 1.3 (Build 4466) released 10/23/2006:
  • NEW: New menu item in “SimpleSYN.NET > Tools > Repair Links” to manually update links to contact items inside another item
  • NEW: New menu item in “SimpleSYN.NET > Tools > Repair distribution list” to manually update links to contact items inside a distribution list
  • NEW: New folders for contact items are now automatically added to the address book
  • NEW: If you are upgrading from version 1.3 your settings will be kept. For upgrading from version 1.2 first uninstall SimpleSYN.NET from the control panel
  • SimpleSYN.NET displayed error messages in the tray area under certain circumstances. These errors are now solved
  • Under certain circumstances the content of some items was not synchronized, if the items were created by an external application which was not RTF aware
  • A very rare error during synchronization has been removed
  • Links to contact items inside another item are now automatically updated
  • Links to contact items in a distribution list are now automatically updated