SimpleSYN Business

Synchronize Outlook between Windows PCs over the internet - cloudless!

With the SimpleSYN Business-Edition you can synchronize Outlook between several computers in the local network or, if required, from anywhere via the Internet - quickly, automatically and cloudless!

The Business-Edition is ideally to use a common Outlook calendar in a team, to access a central Outlook contact database or to synchronize important e-mails and contacts with the office PC with the laptop while on the way.

The powerful filter function makes it child’s play for you to decide which Outlook items should be exchanged. SimpleSYN is ideal for excluding privately marked appointments from the synchronization process, or only allowing the synchronization of certain e-mails sorted by size, attachments or recipient.

The Business-Edition is also optimized for use on server systems and can be started automatically via Windows service.

Whether in the office, in the home office, at the customer or on the way, your e-mails, appointments, notes and contacts are always up to date. For companies, teams and freelancers who want to synchronize Outlook effectively without an Exchange server, cloud services or other external server solutions, the Business-Edition is the ideal, cost-effective synchronization solution!


Synchronize Outlook via the Internet

Synchronizes e-mails, appointments, contacts, notes and tasks between multiple computers via local network or independent of location through Internet synchronization.

Optimal data exchange

After the initial synchronization SimpleSYN only synchronizes changes to the Outlook database.

Completely flexible synchronization

Direction and type of Outlook synchronization (new, altered and deleted items) can be individually set up for each folder.

Free feature: Delete Outlook duplicates

The duplicate Finder is an easy way to quickly find and delete duplicate Outlook elements.

Powerful business functionality

Like a filter function, Windows service.

Perfect teamwork

Use shared project folders, a central contact database or a team calendar.

Maximum security

Through digital encryption (uses SSL or TLS respectively). Cloudless syncing, no cloud-service necessary.

Highly satisfied customer feedback

Our customers are highly satisfied with SimpleSYN. SimpleSYN also managed to convince the trade press.

Lifetime license

With no monthly or annual fees. From only 69.90 Euro (incl. 19% VAT) for 2 computers.

Optimized for Outlook 2021

Compatible with Outlook 2021 (Microsoft/Office 365 with Outlook).

A modern user interface

Why SimpleSYN?

  • Lifetime licenses
  • Top customer reviews
  • Great customer support
  • Low prices
  • Microsoft-Partner
  • Designed for Outlook 2021
  • For more than 14 years on the market
  • Lauded by the trade press
  • Continuous development
  • Global customer base
  • Maximum security through digital encryption
  • Cloudless syncing

Save time and money, Outstanding value for money!

SimpleSYN synchronizes Outlook without cumbersome exchange servers or other server solutions. That way you save money and avoid the burden of regular server support. The Business Version is available for only 69.90 Euro (incl. 19% VAT) with a 2-Computer lifetime license. Additional single licenses cost only 34.95 Euro (incl. 19% VAT) per computer. 

An office can synchronize Outlook on five workstations for only 174.75 Euro (incl. 19% VAT).

Discover the efficiency and capabilities of SimpleSYN for yourself by testing the full version download for 30 days risk free. Test and compare; we’re sure you’ll agree it will Simplify your syncing needs!

For companies, teams and home office!

SimpleSYN is the ideal software for work teams and companies looking to regularly exchange Outlook data. The Business Version gives complete freedom of location. No matter where you are, at work or on site with a client, SimpleSYN allows you to globally synchronize your Outlook data via the Internet. SimpleSYN Business is also the perfect solution for the home office to sync Outlook data in the office from home.

If you would like to synchronize Outlook between several users, for example in a team, SimpleSYN can be individually configured thanks to the integrated user administration. You decide which data you share with which colleagues. This way you can easily exclude individual folders from synchronization. Only the folders that you have shared with a specific user can be viewed. For example, your work colleague receives the new appointments and tasks; but not the e-mails, as they are irrelevant to his work.

The optimal solution for

  • Work team, Freelancers, Comanies, Sales representatives, Government officials, Private individuals, Schools, Sales, Hotels, Business Enterprises, Trade, Agencies

Synchronize Outlook individually for each computer

SimpleSYN is completely flexible in its setup. Direction and type of synchronization (new, altered and deleted elements) can be individually configured for every Outlook folder. This way you can synchronize changes to the Outlook database in one direction only or just synchronize new and altered e-mails.

Would you like to synchronize different Outlook folders on several computers? SimpleSYN can deliver! You can configure SimpleSYN individually on multiple computers so that your coworker receives the newest appointments and tasks, but not the e-mails irrelevant to her work.

Quick to install, optimal data synchronization

Only a few simple steps and the practical sync-software is installed, ready to use, and running unobtrusively in the background. After the initial synchronization the program initiates the data exchange automatically as soon as an Outlook item is changed on a computer. The clear and intuitive user interface allows new users to easily navigate through the program.