SimpleSYN Mobile NEW - Version 2

Synchronize Outlook with your iPhone, iPad or Android device

With SimpleSYN Mobile you are using a powerful synchronization solution for Microsoft Outlook. Synchronize all Outlook data between Windows PC and iPhone, iPad or Android device - bidirectionally, automatically and cloudless!

Important emails, appointments, contacts, notes* and tasks* are immediately up-to-date on all devices. SimpleSYN Mobile is set up in a few moments and ready for the first synchronization.

The data exchange is secure and encrypted at all times. Your Outlook data always remains local on your devices and is not stored in the cloud. So you always have full control over your personal and business data.

You can get licenses for just € 6.90 (incl. 19% VAT) per month, including all updates and future major versions.

SimpleSYN Mobile pricing models

The synchronization solution for smartphones and tablets

Always up-to-date

Synchronizes local Outlook data such as emails (POP3), appointments, contacts, notes* and tasks*.

Bidirectional synchronization

Between Outlook and all your smartphones and tablets.

Cross-platform data exchange

Supports devices based on Apple iOS, iPadOS and Android OS.

Synchronize regardless of location

Synchronization in the local network or on the way via the Internet.

Business functionality

Like a Windows service. Support of proxy servers.

Highest security

When synchronizing Outlook through encryption. No storage of personal Outlook data in the cloud.

No data limit

The data is always synchronized.

Optimized for Outlook 2021 and Windows 11

Compatible with Outlook 2021 (Microsoft/Office 365 with Outlook).

Try it for free

Before SimpleSYN Mobile can be used for synchronization, you must set up SimpleSYN Mobile once, configure the devices you want to synchronize and connect them to SimpleSYN Mobile.

The setup process therefore includes two steps:

  1. Installing and setting up the SimpleSYN Mobile software on your Windows® PC with Outlook® installed..
  2. The configuration on your devices (e.g. smartphone).

More information about the setup can be found here.

A modern user interface

SimpleSYN Mobile pricing models

Pricing model
Subscription 1
Subscription 2
Price (incl. 19% VAT) € 6.90 / month € 69.90 / year € 119.90 / one-time payment
Period of validity unlimited unlimited unlimited
Billing period monthly every 12 months single payment
Renewal automatic automatic unnecessary
Cancellation at any time at any time unnecessary
For 1 user / PC and  5 devices devices devices
Free Support for 12 month
Minor Updates incl.
New major versions incl.

Why SimpleSYN Mobile?

  • Quick setup and easy operation.
  • Bidirectional synchronization.
  • Synchronization in the local network or via the Internet.
  • No iTunes, iCloud or additional apps necessary.
  • No data limit, sync as much data as you need.
  • Highest security, no storage of Outlook data in the cloud.
  • Additional features, like a duplicate finder and a backup feature.
  • Low license costs - licenses from € 6.90 / month (incl. 19% VAT).

* Android devices do not have a built-in default app for managing notes. On your Android device, you must therefore use a third-party app. You can use the current Gmail app for the tasks. On your iOS device, you do not need an additional app and you can use the built-in tasks and notes apps.