SimleSYN Standard
Fully automatic synchronization of Outlook data between Windows PCs in the local network (LAN, WLAN, VPN).
Synchronizes emails (POP3), contacts, tasks, appointments, notes, journal entries or status updates. Note: the "Deleted Items" and "Outbox" folders cannot be synchronized.
Synchronization of subfolders - new, changed and deleted sub-folders can be synchronized.
Optimal data exchange, after the initial synchronization, SimpleSYN only synchronizes changes to the Outlook database.
Completely flexible synchronization - direction and type of synchronization can be configured individually for each Outlook folder.
Assignment of user privileges, user administration and integration in the Windows Active Directory (AD).
Comprehensive solutions for synchronization conflicts - manual or automatic selection of which Outlook elements are to be synchronized.
Status overview - the current synchronization process is displayed in the Status section.
Delete Outlook duplicates - with the duplicate finder you can quickly and easily find Outlook duplicates and delete them.
Maximum security of the data through digital encryption (uses SSL or TLS respectively).
No storage of personal Outlook data in the cloud.
Easy to use and simple setup by the SimpleSYN configuration wizard.
Auto-Update - to keep you up-to-date automatically.
Advanced network settings - adapt SimpleSYN optimally to your network environment.
Backup function to restore deleted objects and folders.
Support for HTTP(S) proxy servers.
SimpleSYN Business
all features of SimpleSYN standard PLUS
Synchronize Outlook via Internet - the synchronization can be optionally carried out over the Internet, allowing a global data exchange.
Powerful filter function - for excluding private items from the synchronization process.
Advanced synchronization options for reminders, categories and read status.
Windows service - SimpleSYN automatically starts in the background when Windows starts without a Windows user logging on to the system.
SimpleSYN Mobile
Fully automatic bidirectional synchronization of Outlook data between Windows PC and smartphones and tablets.
Supports devices based on Apple iOS, iPadOS, Android OS, Windows 11.
Synchronizes emails (POP3), appointments, contacts, notes and tasks.
Synchronization in the local network or regardless of location via the Internet.
Highest security when synchronizing Outlook through encryption.
No storage of personal Outlook data in the cloud.
Quick setup and easy operation.
Auto-Update - so that SimpleSYN Mobile is automatically kept up to date.
No data limit - the data is always synchronized.
Support for HTTP(S) proxy servers.
Windows service - SimpleSYN Mobile automatically starts in the background when Windows starts without a Windows user logging on to the system.