Version history

Version 5.0 (Build 12823) released 8/26/2019:
  • Fixes an error in the folder hierarchy synchronization. If Outlook returned an internal error while opening a folder, it was possible that SimpleSYN deleted this folder accidentally instead of stopping the synchronization.
Version 5.0 (Build 12812) released 8/15/2019:
  • Fixes a crash when Outlook is returning an unexpected error.
Version 5.0 (Build 12806) released 8/7/2019:
  • NEW: Improves the performance when starting SimpleSYN.
  • NEW: Improves the mapping of items during initial synchronization.
  • Resolves a possible crash due to errors in third-party MAPI datastores.
  • Resolves a very rare connection problem that could cause SimpleSYN to hang with 100% CPU usage.
  • Smaller bug fixes and tweaks.
Version 5.0 (Build 12711) released 7/12/2019:
  • NEW: Improved initial synchronization between different versions of Outlook. For example, different separators in messages, or incorrectly formatted links, are handled better, eliminating duplicates during initial synchronization.
  • NEW: After SimpleSYN starts, the folder hierarchy is always transferred once to synchronize changes to it more quickly.
  • NEW: Subject line prefixes are now transferred separately to correctly represent custom values. Custom prefixes also could have lead to duplicates when a resynchronization takes place.
  • Improves error handling for custom Outlook data fields that cannot be resolved. As a result, synchronization may have stopped and continued incorrectly.
  • Resolves an issue if the synchronization state on the server has been deleted. If only a few items were synchronized once, the client did not recognize the required resynchronization and the synchronization was performed incorrectly.
Version 5.0 (Build 12621) released 6/24/2019:
  • Improves reliability when importing items with unexpected data
Version 5.0 (Build 12614) released 6/14/2019:
  • Fixes an error while deleting data fields. This error led to faulty synchronization with Outlook version 1906 (Build 11727.20104) and newer
  • Fixes an error when enabling or disabling the Outlook add-in via "advanced options"
Version 5.0 (Build 12613) released 6/13/2019:
  • Fixes a problem that date values greater than 12/31/9999 23:59:59.9 could cause a crash or a cancellation of the synchronization
  • Fixes a crash that could occur due to incorrect error handling when accessing Outlook items
  • Fixes a discontinuation of synchronization if an attachment could not be synchronized correctly
  • Smaller bug fixes and tweaks
Version 5.0 (Build 123604) released 6/4/2019:
  • NEW: Improves the reliability of the connection when using IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously
  • NEW: Improves support for local proxy servers such as Fiddler
  • Fixes an error that could lead to a disconnection if the connection used an relay server
  • Fixes an error when closing a relayed network connection
  • Fixes a problem that an unexpected data type within an Outlook item may cause an interruption of the synchronization
  • Fixes a problem that leads to no data file being available for the synchronization, if the Outlook profile contains an error
  • Removes a misleading log entry
Version 5.0 (Build 12526) released 5/26/2019:
  • Fixes the error handling for invalid Unicode characters. Invalid characters could have caused a folder to stop synchronizing.
Version 5.0 (Build 12523) released 5/23/2019:
  • Fixes an error that could lead to an invalid sync status if a pre-copied PST file was used on both computers. In this case, it was no longer possible to synchronize.
  • Fixes a recovery synchronization error with new items. In rare cases, it could have happened that one element was assigned to a deleted item on the other side and subsequent synchronization of that element was no longer possible.
  • Fixes a wrong configuration parameter in the SimpleSYN Windows service, which prevents SimpleSYN from starting automatically with Windows.
  • The standard Outlook data file is again correctly labelled as such in the user interface.
  • A poorly scaled status indicator on high-resolution monitors on the server side has been corrected.
  • Fixes an error when items are deleted from the synchronized folder during synchronization.
Version 5.0 (Build 12517) released 5/17/2019:
  • Fixes an error during the recovery synchronization of a deleted item
  • Fixes an rare crash when handling Outlook events
  • Fixes an crash during initialization of folder monitoring
  • Fixes a rare crash during connection establishment
  • Fixes a wrong version number
Version 5.0 (Build 12515) released 5/15/2019:
  • Added some missing digital signatures
  • Fixes a crash when exiting SimpleSYN, that may occur when shutting down Windows
  • Fixes a rare crash when saving the SimpleSYN configuration

New Version 5.0 released 5/6/2019

  • NEW: Supports Outlook 2019 (Office 365)
    • SimpleSYN supports the latest Outlook generation, but remains downward compatible with the previous versions
  • NEW: Supports Outlook 365 from the Microsoft Store
    • SimpleSYN not only supports the normal Outlook installation version of Office 365, but also Office 365 installed from the Microsoft Store
  • NEW: Support for HTTP(S) Proxy Server
    • SimpleSYN can now be operated in networks that use HTTP (S) proxy servers
  • NEW: Advanced network settings
    • The network connections used by SimpleSYN can now be configured in the advanced options. In the advanced options it is also possible to activate a user-defined connection, for example to run SimpleSYN on local networks without an internet connection
  • NEW: Improved conflict resolution and conflict detection
    • Faster conflict resolution directly in the conflict list, as well as improvements in conflict detection
  • Improved performance
    Greatly improved performance during in the initial synchronization, as well as in the transmission of multiple elements
  • Improved synchronization
    Improved change detection, improved error handling, and improved detection of different synchronization states
  • Improved support for high resolution displays
    SimpleSYN has been optimized for displays with high DPI
  • Improved synchronization of distribution lists
    Distribution lists with many recipients are better supported
  • Improved selection of folders in the sync settings
    Default folders are now mapped, even if the folder names are different (for example, sent items <> sent objects)
  • Revision of how the filter works (business version)
    If the filter settings for an already synchronized folder change in the future, filtered-out items are not visible anymore for SimpleSYN and are considered a deletion
  • Optimized data transfer for changes
  • Improved export / import of data
  • Many other improvements and optimizations
  • Bug fixes
Version 4.1 (Build 11323) released 5/24/2018:
  • Updated EULA
  • Fixes a problem with starting SimpleSYN
  • Bug fixes and optimizations
Version 4.1 (Build 11107) released 3/7/2018:
  • Fixes a possible crash when renaming an Outlook folder