SimpleSYN Desktop version history

Version 4.0 (Build 8124) released 9/24/2015:
  • Fixes a problem of build 8121 that causes the client to stay offline after the connection has failed
  • Fixes a problem that prevented the client from connecting after the server was set to “paused” for a short time
Version 4.0 (Build 8121) released 9/21/2015:
  • Fixes a possible crash when exiting SimpleSYN
  • Several enhancements in the Outlook Add-In
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes
Version 4.0 (Build 8104) released 9/4/2015:
  • The Windows service component now starts SimpleSYN even if a user is already logged on. This fixes a problem with the SimpleSYN auto start functionality
  • Minor optimizations
Version 4.0 (Build 8018) released 8/18/2015:
  • Fixes a crash when showing synchronization status
  • Fixes a crash in the configuration wizard when using custom configurations
  • Fixes a missing cancel button in the configuration wizard
  • Fixes a problem in the setup program which prevents the installation of SimpleSYN on some systems
Version 4.0 (Build 8017) released 8/17/2015:
  • Fixes a crash in the 64bit version when adding a Windows user in the SimpleSYN servers synchronization settings
  • Fixes a crash after upgrading from version 3.x, if a value is missing in the state database
  • Fixes a problem in the Windows service component, which prevents SimpleSYN from starting during log on
  • Advanced Options failed to save if no Outlook session could be created. This also prevented the possibility to choose the right Outlook version
  • Enhances the status page to reduce flickering when multiple folders are synchronized successively
  • Fixes a problem that the client only displays “(refreshing name)” on the status page

New Version 4.0 released 8/4/2015

  • NEW: Supports Windows 10
  • NEW: Supports Outlook 2016 (as soon as Outlook 2016 is available)
  • NEW: SimpleSYN can run as a Windows service (Business version)
  • NEW: Connected clients are displayed on the server
  • NEW: Additional filter options to exclude items from the synchronization
  • NEW: Connection type is displayed
  • NEW: Separate backup location for deleted items and folders
  • NEW: Synchronized deletions can be restored with the SimpleSYN Add-In
  • NEW: The Outlook version to use by SimpleSYN can be choosen in the advanced options
  • Completely revised user interface
  • Pending synchronization shows the full folder path
  • Enhancements in the duplicate finder (the columns can be sorted)
  • SimpleSYN now uses the .NET Framework 4.5
  • The synchronization performance is improved
  • The data gets compressed during the synchronization
  • Reliability of the synchronization is enhanced
  • Better detection for IMAP folders
  • Many additional optimizations
  • Bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 7528) released 4/8/2015:
  • Fixes a connectivity problem if a Firewall or other networking component caused an error while closing a connection
  • Fixes a crash while using the manual synchronization within the Outlook Add-In
  • Fixes a problem in which an item may be synchronized twice
Version 3.5 (Build 7326) released 1/29/2015:
  • Fixes another memory leak in the SimpleSYN client
Version 3.5 (Build 7323) released 1/23/2015:
  • Fixes a memory leak in the SimpleSYN client
Version 3.5 (Build 7110) released 11/11/2014:
  • When synchronizing Exchange Server accounts, SimpleSYN was always synchronizing internal changes which leads to a higher synchronization volume. This fix reduces the amount of unnecessary synchronization
  • SimpleSYN did not detect changes to the read state of items if it was not running. The read state of several items were only synchronized after additional changes occurred on the same folder
  • Fixes a performance problem when synchronizing many items with the same subject
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 6924) released 9/24/2014:
  • Fixes a minor display issue in the German version
Version 3.5 (Build 6912) released 9/12/2014:
  • Fixes a problem that SimpleSYN could sometimes stay offline after losing the internet connection
  • If the deleted objects folder was missing, SimpleSYN failed to synchronize deletions. The folder is now recreated correctly
  • The deleted objects folder cannot be synchronized manually anymore
  • The button for repairing links to contacts is not shown in Outlook 2013 anymore, because Outlook 2013 does not support contact links
  • Fixes a crash when items have a very large subject line
  • Better support for high DPI displays
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 6314) released 3/18/2014:
  • IMAP folders are not shown by default anymore, to avoid faulty synchronization
  • Exchange ActiveSync accounts in Outlook 2013 are not available for synchronization anymore. The synchronization did not work correctly
  • The default message store is now displayed correctly
  • Some new folders could not be used with drag/drop in Outlook, if the message type was not determined correctly
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 6225) released 2/26/2014:
  • Fixes a problem sometimes preventing SimpleSYN to connect over the internet if multiple static IP addresses are assigned to a network adapter
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 6215) released 2/15/2014:
  • Fixes a problem which prevents SimpleSYN from starting under Windows 8.1

SimpleSYN Mobile version history

Version 1.0 (Build 9710) released 1/11/2022:
  • Fixes an error while synchronizing calendar data which caused some Android devices to not be able to edit appointments at all.
  • Fixes an error in the association of meeting requests and appointments. This error caused the iPhone or iPad to show the appointment twice.
  • Fixes an error while importing time zone information in meeting requests. Depending on the time zone, meeting requests could not be send. Also fixes an error in time zones without a daylight saving time.
  • After a meeting request was send, the meeting was not correctly flagged as being send.
Version 1.0 (Build 9601) released 12/2/2021:
  • Fixes an error in the inital configuration page. The settings were sometimes not immediately saved which causes the setup of the devices to fail.
  • Enhances the compatibility with more restrictive network environments. A fallback to plain HTTP can now happen if no WebSocket connection to our central servers is available.
  • Some internal errors were not logged correctly, which made diagnosing them difficult.
  • Fixes a crash during the detection of the synchronization status.
  • Fixes a crash while downloading an update.
  • Minor optimizations and fixes.
Version 1.0 (Build 9516) released 11/16/2021:
  • Fixes a bug when synchronizing recurring appointments. If an exception already existed for a new recurring appointment, the import of the item failed.
  • Fixes another bug when synchronizing recurring appointments.
  • Fixes a possible crash if importing a new item failed.
  • Some items were not displayed correctly on the device, if the items did not contain information about the used encoding. This was primarily the case when synchronizing notes.
  • Additional minor fixes and improvements.
Version 1.0 (Build 9428) released 10/28/2021:
  • Fixes an error when adding calendar items. Some time zones were not correctly converted, which lead to unsynchronized items.
Version 1.0 (Build 9411) released 10/12/2021:
  • NEW: Works around an error in Android devices, that forces the existence of all default folders (e.g. Inbox). This workaround simplifies the synchronization of additional PST files that does not contain all default folders.
  • NEW: Exchange server accounts can now be synchronized.
  • NEW: Simplifies the manual connection configuration.
  • Fixes an error when persisting deselected folders in "Configuration". Some times the selection was not saved correctly.
  • Fixes an error when saving new user accounts. New user accounts were sometimes not found by the client device until the main window had been closed.
  • Fixes an error when synchronizing the folder hierarchy of Exchange accounts.
  • Exchange recipients are now displayed correctly in the fields "To", "Cc" and "Bcc".
  • Fixes a silent crash when exiting the app.
  • The setup now checks the availability of the TCP port used by SimpleSYN Mobile.
  • In future, SimpleSYN Mobile will correctly restart when being updated automatically.
Version 1.0 (Build 9328) released 9/28/2021:
  • An error when synchronizing monthly recurring appointments has been resolved. Note: If you have synchronized monthly recurring appointments, they will only be corrected during the next synchronization. You can either change those appointments in Outlook to force a synchronization, or you can remove the SimpleSYN Mobile account on your device and recreate it. This will force a full re-synchronization of every item.
  • There was an error in the setup program, which prevented SimpleSYN Mobile being installed on some Windows language configurations.
  • Activating or deactivating the automatic configuration will now adjust the configured hostname accordingly.
  • Some advanced settings where sometimes not persisted correctly.
  • Additional minor fixes and performance optimizations.

New Version 1.0 released 8/19/2021

  • NEW: Synchronizes Outlook® emails, appointments, contacts, notes and tasks with with smartphones or tablet computers based on Android or iOS/iPadOS.
  • NEW: Supports Office 365 with Outlook® (x86/x64), as well as Outlook® 2019 und 2016 (x86/x64).
  • NEW: Synchronizes via the Internet.
  • NEW: Personal data is not stored in the Cloud.
  • NEW: Fully encrypted synchronization of your Outlook® data.
  • NEW: No data limit, everything is always in sync.
  • NEW: Supports proxy servers.
  • NEW: Supports starting as Windows service.