Synchronize Outlook with SimpleSYN

The sync solution for e-mails, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes

always secure - no storage of personal Outlook data in the cloud

NEW: iPhone / Android sync with SimpleSYN Mobile





SimpleSYN Mobile for iPhone/iPad and Android

Synchronizes Outlook with smartphones and tablets

  • Bidirectional synchronization between Outlook and iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Cross-platform data exchange
  • Synchronizes emails, appointments, contacts, notes and tasks
  • No storage of personal Outlook data in the cloud

SimpleSYN Standard/Business for Windows

Synchronizes Outlook between Windows PCs

  • Sync Outlook between two or more Windows PCs – in real-time
  • Always up-to-date – Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes
  • Powerful functionality like a filter function, user administration, Windows service
  • Comprehensive security through digital encryption
  • Cloudless syncing – your data is never stored online
  • Quick setup and easy to use
  • Ideal sync tool for companies, teams, freelancers and individuals
  • Lauded by the trade press and our customers
  • Compatible with Outlook 2021 (Microsoft/Outlook 365)

The right solution for everyone

SimpleSYN Mobile

Synchronizes Outlook with iPhone, iPad or Android device. Emails, appointments, contacts, notes and tasks are immediately up-to-date on all devices.
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3.74/5 (27 ratings)

SimpleSYN Standard

Synchronizes Outlook emails, appointments, contacts, tasks and notes between multiple Windows PCs in the local network.
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4.41/5 (356 ratings)

SimpleSYN Business

Synchronizes Outlook between multiple Windows PCs in a local network or via the Internet. Includes business features such a filter function and a Windows service.
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4.81/5 (282 ratings)

What customers say

Key features

Icon - Sync Outlook automatically

Fully automatic synchronization

The synchronization of Outlook is carried out automatically in the background, as soon as an Outlook item is altered (for example, you receive a new e-mail or creating a new appointment). All selected folders are synchronized in real time and always kept up-to-date. The Outlook sync is bidirectional or can be done in one direction per folder. With SimpleSYN Mobile you synchronize Outlook between Windows PC and iPhone, iPad or Android device, automatically and bidirectionally.

Icon - Sync Outlook via network or internet

Sync Outlook in a local network or via Internet

SimpleSYN synchronize Outlook between multiple computers in a local network. The synchronization can be optionally carried out over the Internet (SimpleSYN Business and SimpleSYN Mobile), allowing a global data exchange.

Icon - additional functions

Powerful additional functions

With the powerful filter function in SimpleSYN Standard/Business you can exclude certain Outlook items from the synchronization process. There are various filter modes at your disposal. The duplicate finder provides an easy and fast method to find and delete Outlook duplicates. With the Windows service you can start SimpleSYN automatically even if no user is logged on to Windows.

Icon - security

Maximum security

Communication is already highly encrypted in the default setting (uses SSL or TLS respectively) and guarantees highest security while synchronizing. No Outlook data is stored in the cloud. SimpleSYN synchronized your data directly between your computers. For additional security, SimpleSYN is digitally signed by "Code Signing". As a publisher of the software, we are always reliably identifiable.