How to sync Outlook calendars between multiple computers

You are already using an IMAP account to synchronize the Outlook emails.

But how can you effectively synchronize the Outlook calendar between your employees without Exchange Server so that all appointments are always up-to-date?

The solution is - SimpleSYN.

Outlook calendar sync - fully automatic, secure and cloudless

SimpleSYN makes it easy to sync your Outlook calendar and with it your schedule and appointments on all your PCs. After synchronizing, all your Outlook calendars will be up-to-date. You can sync your calendar between your desktop-pc and your laptop or you can share your Outlook calendar with your employees. No exchange-server required!

In a few simple steps, SimpleSYN is installed and ready to synchronize your Outlook calendar. As soon as you enter a new appointment or change an existing appointment in your Outlook calendar SimpleSYN will synchronize it – automatically and unobtrusively in the background.

In addition, the Outlook calendar sync can be configured individually on all PCs. For example, it is possible to synchronize only the new appointments on one workstation and deactivate the synchronization of deleted appointments. On another workstation, you can set SimpleSYN so that only changed appointments are synchronized.

The most important thing: The data exchange with SimpleSYN is secure at any time, because SimpleSYN does not store your calendar data on an external server, no cloud service is used!

Exclude appointments from the Outlook synchronization

With the powerful Filter feature of the Business Version, you can quickly and easily exclude private appointments from the Outlook synchronization. These appointments are no longer visible to your colleagues. With the filter function, you can protect your sensitive data. However, SimpleSYN can not only synchronize the Outlook calendar, but also synchronizes all other Outlook elements in real time, such as e-mails, contacts, tasks and notes.

SimpleSYN is therefore ideal for all companies, teams, freelancers and individuals who want to synchronize all Outlook data without Exchange servers cost-effectively and securely.

Your advantages:

  • With SimpleSYN, you can keep the Outlook calendar synchronized between your employees - in real time
  • With the business version, you can also synchronize the calendar in separate networks via Internet
  • You can also synchronize all other data such as e-mails, contacts, notes, and tasks.
  • With the filter function in the business version, you can quickly and easily exclude private appointments from the synchronization
  • Your data is secure at all times, SimpleSYN does not use a cloud service and the data transmission is highly encrypted
  • Quick setup and easy administration
  • SimpleSYN licenses are offered as Lifetime licenses
  • You will receive support directly from the manufacturer
  • You can test the calendar synchronization for 30 days without restrictions