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System requirements for SimpleSYN:

  • Microsoft® Outlook® 2007, Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 (32-bit/64-bit), or Microsoft Outlook® 2013 (32-bit/64-bit) or Microsoft Outlook® 2016 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32-bit/64-bit) SP 1, Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit) or Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32-bit/64-bit); Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 R2 SP 1 or Microsoft® Windows® Server 2012
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.5
  • A active Internet connection is required during the synchronization

    Please note:

    • In the SimpleSYN standard edition a Windows user must be logged in and SimpleSYN must be running
    • You cannot synchronize your Google calendar or iCloud data with SimpleSYN
    • No proxy servers are supported

    Category: General, Version 3.0, Version 3.5, Version 4.x

    You should not synchronize IMAP email folders with SimpleSYN. IMAP folders are server based and automatically synchronized on all your computers. If you synchronize the same folders with SimpleSYN, it can lead to duplicated mails because two synchronization methods are interfering.

    As IMAP cannot be used to synchronize appointments, tasks, contacts and notes, it is safe to synchronize those items with SimpleSYN.

    Therefore make sure no email folders (i.e inbox) are selected on the SimpleSYN client in the “synchronization settings”. Also make sure no more email folders are listed in “Status -> pending synchronization”. If there is a folder listed here, right-click it and click “Do not synchronize”.

    Category: Operation, Version 3.0, Version 3.5, Version 4.x

    If you want to exit SimpleSYN if Outlook is closed, follow these steps:

    1. Right-click on the SimpleSYN icon in the Windows notification area and choose “Exit”
    2. Close any Outlook window
    3. Open the SimpleSYN Add-In configuration file with a text editor like notepad. The configuration file can be found in:
      • Windows: C:\Users\[User name]\AppData\Local\SimpleSYN\\[Outlook profile name].addin.config
    4. Add the following code in the section between <appSettings> and </appSettings>:
      <!-- SimpleSYN is exited when Outlook is being closed. -->
      <add key="AutoExitSimpleSyn" value="true" />
      <!-- SimpleSYN is started if the Add-In is being loaded. -->
      <add key="AutoStartSimpleSyn" value="true" />
    5. Open Outlook again.

    Category: Installation, Version 4.x

    In that case, you probably have an Office 365 version from the Microsoft App Store installed.

    Programs from the Microsoft App Store can not currently recognize SimpleSYN (these programs are isolated from the rest of the system).

    Please reinstall Outlook / Office at https://www.office.com/setup

    Then everything should work and go through the installation.

    Category: Operation, Version 4.x

    E-mail folders (for example, Inbox) of IMAP accounts are not displayed by default in the synchronization settings.

    An IMAP account is server-based and keeps your e-mail automatically in sync.An additional synchronization of the e-folders is therefore no longer necessary.

    In the SimpleSYN main window under Options> Advanced Options you can activate the option "Show IMAP folder" as required. However, if you enable this feature and select Email Folders to sync, duplicate emails may appear after syncing.

    Therefore, we recommend that you do not synchronize your e-mail folders with SimpleSYN!

    Of course, since an IMAP account can only keep email folders up-to-date, you can still sync all other folders such as calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes with SimpleSYN.

    Category: Troubleshooting, Version 4.x

    In this case there is an problem on the file "SimpleSYN.config", so SimpleSYN can not be started anymore.

    To repair SimpleSYN on this computer, please follow these steps:

    • Open a Windows Explorer and navigate to this directory:


    • In this directory you will find the file: “SimpleSYN.config” (may also be shown as just “SimpleSYN” without the extension .config).
    • Delete this file
    • Restart SimpleSYN

    Then SimpleSYN starts normally again. You would then need to activate SimpleSYN only once with your license file.

    If you no longer have the license, contact our support.

    Category: Installation, Version 4.x

    SimpleSYN version 4 supports the following versions of Microsoft Outlook:

    • Microsoft® Outlook® 2007
    • Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 (32-bit/64-bit, Click-to-Run)
    • Microsoft® Outlook® 2013 (32-bit/64-bit) 
    • Microsoft® Outlook® 2016 (32-bit/64-bit)

    Category: Installation, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    SimpleSYN is a Client-/Server application. In your SimpleSYN network one PC must be configured as a server. The SimpleSYN server must be authorized in the Windows Firewall and/or Desktop firewall.

    Please make sure that SimpleSYN is allowed in your personal firewall.

    SimpleSYN must communicate with our servers located at services.simplesyn.net.

    SimpleSYN requires the following outbound TCP connections:

    9235, 9236,
    9235, 9236
    49152 – 59152

    Category: Troubleshooting, Version 2.0, Version 2.1, Version 3.0, Version 3.5, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    Duplicate e-mails can occur on an POP3 account, when e-mails from more than one computer being synchronized are requested from the e-mail server. This is the case if the Outlook function “Leave copy of messages on the server” was activated in a POP3 E-mail account.

    The tricky here is that SimpleSYN cannot force Outlook to stop downloading an email a second time on another computer. If the first computer downloads the mail from the email server and it gets synchronized before the second computer downloads it, Outlook cannot detect that the email is already there. The second computer will than download the email from the email server and you got a duplicate. As the first email is also already synchronized, SimpleSYN assumes that the second download is intentional and synchronizes this copy too.

    In this case deactivate the Outlook function “Leave copy of messages on the server” so as not to save e-mails in your mail server and download them repeatedly.

    To deactivate this function follow these steps:

    1. Open Outlook
    2. Open the Backstage area by clicking on “File“
    3. In the category “Information” click on “Account Settings” and “Add or Remove Accounts…”
    4. Highlight the POP3 E-mail account in question and click on “Change“
    5. Click on “More Settings“
    6. In the tab “Advanced” deactivate the check box “Leave copy of messages on the server“
    7. Confirm the changes by clicking “OK“
    8. Click on “Next“ and then on “Finish“

    Category: Operation, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    E-Mail folders of IMAP accounts (eg Inbox or sent objects) are hidden in the "Synchronization settings", since IMAP already keeps the e-mail folders in sync (IMAP is server-based).

    You can use SimpleSYN for all other folders such as calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, etc.

    If you also want to synchronize e-mail folders with SimpleSYN, then use a POP3 account on all PCs.

    Category: Installation, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    You can easily upgrade Outlook (Office). The previous version does not need to be uninstalled. SimpleSYN automatically detects the new Outlook version.

    Install Outlook in the same bit version as the previous version, either in 32-bit or 64-bit.

    If you want to install Outlook in a different bit version than the previous version, first uninstall SimpleSYN and reinstall SimpleSYN after the Outlook update.

    Category: Operation, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    The SimpleSYN Business Version 4 installs a Windows service. If the option "Start as Windows service" is activated in the options, then SimpleSYN automatically starts in the background when the Windows starts, without a Windows user having to log on to the system.

    The SimpleSYN standard version 4 and all older versions do not support Windows service. The synchronization takes place here only if a user is logged on to the computer and SimpleSYN is executed.

    Category: Installation, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    SimpleSYN requires a unique configuration and a unique certificate for each PC.

    SimpleSYN must be completely reset to one of the clients. Then SimpleSYN can be reinstalled and set up.

    Follow these steps:

    • Uninstall SimpleSYN first under the Windows Control Panel "Programs / Features" or under Apps on Windows 10
    • Then enter the following line in Windows Explorer:
    • Find the folder SimpleSYN here and delete this folder.

    Then delete the SimpleSYN certificate as follows:

    • Open the Internet Explorer
    • Go to "Internet Options"
    • Click the "Content" tab
    • Click on "Certificates"
    • In the next window under "Display name" search for the SimpleSYN entries, mark the respective entry and click on "Remove"

    Then you can reinstall SimpleSYN and set it up again. The initial synchronization will be run once again.

    Category: Troubleshooting, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    Open the SimpleSYN options > advanced options and under “Outlook version” select your current Outlook version (2016 or 2013).  Save the settings and restart SimpleSYN.

    If the behavior still occurs:

    • Please uninstall SimpleSYN on this computer from the Windows control panel > program/features and install SimpleSYN once again

    If the behavior still occurs:

    Category: Troubleshooting, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    Please check the following things:

    1. Make sure, that you have not restricted the folders on your computers. You find this function on your client computer in the main window > synchronization settings > Advanced client settings. On your server computer you can find this function on the “main window > synchronization settings. Under “Available Folders” make sure that you have activated some folders
    2. Make sure neither Outlook nor SimpleSYN is started with administrator rights.
    3. Check if SimpleSYN and Outlook are using the same Outlook profile. You can see the Outlook profil in SimpleSYN in the main window > Options
    4. Make sure SimpleSYN is not started with compatibility settings enabled. To check this, right click on the SimpleSYN shortcut and select “Properties”. Click on “Compatibility” and remove tick in the checkbox “Run this program in compatibility mode”. It is possible, that this setting was somehow enabled during the Windows 10 upgrade.
    5. If you have multiple Outlook versions installed concurrently, select the right version in SimpleSYN under Options -> Advanced Options

    Category: Purchase, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    You`ll need a license per computer you want to synchronize. 

    For example: If you wish to synchronize Outlook between your laptop and your desktop computer, you will need two licenses. If you want to synchronize 3 computers, you`ll need 3 licenses, etc. If you want to use SimpleSYN on a terminal server with different users, you need a license for each user.

    • A SimpleSYN standard license costs 19.95 € per computer (including 19% VAT)
    • A SimpleSYN business license costs 34.95 € euros per computer (including 19% VAT

    Ask about our discounts for school, university students, teachers and multiple licenses

    Category: Purchase, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    You purchase the desired license quantity on the website and initiate the order transaction, then follow the instructions. The payment process is handled by our sales partner Digital River GmbH (share-it!).

    Ask about our discounts for school, university students, teachers and multiple licenses. 



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    50933 Köln
    Tel.: +49 221 31088-30
    Fax: +49 221 31088-99

    Category: Operation, Version 3.5, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    When using the automatic synchronization it is also possible to synchronize all Outlook® subfolders automatically. The Outlook® subfolders will use the same synchronization direction and settings as their parent folder. Changes to the folder hierarchy below a selected folder are being synchronized.

    Changes of the selected parent folder are not automatically synchronized. If a selected parent folder is being moved or deleted, the synchronization of this folder and all of its children will stop. Adjust the synchronization settings

    Category: Operation, Version 3.0, Version 3.5, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    To call up the Configuration Wizard again, please follow these steps:

    1. Open the SimpleSYN user interface
    2. Press the “Alt“ key to show the SimpleSYN menu 
    3. In the menu under “Help” activate the entry “Show Configuration Wizard on next startup“
    4. Exit SimpleSYN. To do so right-click on the SimpleSYN symbol in the Windows system tray and choose “Exit”

    The next time SimpleSYN is opened the configuration window will be displayed again.

    Category: General, Version 2.0, Version 2.1, Version 3.0, Version 3.5, Version 4.x, Version 5.x

    No, all of these devices are not supported by SimpleSYN.

    SimpleSYN synchronizes Outlook installations with each other; a computer running Windows Vista (32bit/64bit), Windows 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8 (32bit/64bit) or Windows 10 (32bit/64bit) is essential.

    If you wish to synchronize Outlook on your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android device, please contact the manufacturer of your device.