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You need SimpleSYN Standard or SimpleSYN Business and also SimpleSYN Mobile.

With SimpleSYN Standard or Business you can synchronize Outlook between multiple Windows PCs. If you still want to synchronize mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), then you also need SimpleSYN Mobile.

With SimpleSYN Mobile you can synchronize Outlook on a Windows PC with up to 5 devices (smartphones, tablets).

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SimpleSYN requires an active internet connection for its operation. The internet connection is required to connect to a central server operated by SimpleSYN. This server is used to help in the establishment of a direct connection between the SimpleSYN server and SimpleSYN client. Only data required for establishing the connection is transferred via this central server. After establishing an connection, SimpleSYN uses the best connectivity available.

In either case the connection between SimpleSYN will always  use an SSL/TLS encryption respectively. Your Outlook data is never transferred in clear-text nor stored permanently on our Internet servers (no Cloud).

As Internet flat rates are more and more common nowadays, we have decided to use the same connection technique for the standard version. The only difference is, that the standard version will only establish a connection in the local network.

If you would like to use SimpleSYN without an internet connection or without our central server, then there is the option of changing the connection configuration so that our central server is no longer necessary.

Please note:

If you are using the SimpleSYN business version, the synchronization will only work in the same local network after the changeover, but no longer between separate networks via the Internet. The option is therefore more suitable for the SimpleSYN standard version if you do not want our central server to be used.

You can activate the “Custom connection mode“ for SimpleSYN starting from version 5 as follows:

For this open the SimpleSYN main window> Options> Advanced Options.

Activate the option "Custom connection mode" on all PCs (server and clients).

On your clients enter in the filed “Custom server name / address” the computer name or static IP address from your SimpleSYN server.

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A good start is always to remove items from the Outlook “Deleted Items” folder and also configure the SimpleSYN backup functionality to remove outdated items.

This can be done in SimpleSYN under “Options -> Advanced options -> Remove backed up items”. Here you can specify the period of time after which the items are to be permanently removed from the backup folder.

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Press on your server computer inside of SimpleSYN’s main window once the “Alt” key to open the main menu and choose the menu item “View > State Properties.

If you open the state database properties (Tab “General”) on the server, do you see any old client that is not synchronized anymore (you can see this from the last synchronization date)? 

If yes, please click on this client and click on “remove”. This will delete the status for the selected client will make some space available in the status database.

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No, Windows Mail is not supported by SimpleSYN. SimpleSYN supports the following versions of Outlook®:

  • Microsoft/Office 365® with Outlook® (x86/x64)
  • Outlook® 2021 (x86/x64)
  • Outlook® 2019 (x86/x64)
  • Outlook® 2016 (x86/x64)
  • Outlook® 2013 (x86/x64)

But you can use SimpleSYN Mobile to synchronize Outlook® with Windows Mail.

Category: General, Version 4.x, Version 5.x, Version 6.x

SimpleSYN Standard is fully compatible with the Business Version. You can only synchronize over a local network with the standard version, however.

Please note: The SimpleSYN server has to be in the same local network as the client.

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Provided you have made changes to the default settings of the color categories, you will have to manually set up the list of color categories (formerly main category list) identically on all computers. The category list is not synchronized by SimpleSYN. The assigned categories in the items, however, are kept and synchronized by SimpleSYN.

In version 6 the function "Add new categories to master category list" is available..

If this option is activated, SimpleSYN checks whether all categories used in the items are present in the master category list during synchronization. If not, SimpleSYN adds the category name to the master category list with a default color. You can manually adjust the color to match the other PCs.

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No, the trial version has no restrictions whatsoever; you have access to the full potential of SimpleSYN. There is merely a dialog window on startup informing you how many days you have left on the test version, which you have to manually confirm.  You can use and test SimpleSYN for 30 days, for free and noncommittal. After the trial period has ended SimpleSYN cannot be started.

Category: General, Version 4.x, Version 5.x, Version 6.x

The SimpleSYN Business Version, in addition to all the features of the standard version, offers:

  • Synchronization over the Internet.
  • Filter function - for synchronizing certain Outlook items.
  • Windows service - start SimpleSYN automatically even if no user is logged on to Window.
  • Advanced synchronization options for reminders, categories and read status (version 6 and newer).