Category: General, Version 3.0, Version 3.5, Version 4.x

Press on your server computer inside of SimpleSYN’s main window once the “Alt” key to open the main menu and choose the menu item “View > State Properties.

If you open the state database properties (Tab “General”) on the server, do you see any old client that is not synchronized anymore (you can see this from the last synchronization date)? 

If yes, please click on this client and click on “remove”. This will delete the status for the selected client will make some space available in the status database.

Category: General, Version 3.0, Version 3.5, Version 4.x

You should not synchronize IMAP email folders with SimpleSYN. IMAP folders are server based and automatically synchronized on all your computers. If you synchronize the same folders with SimpleSYN, it can lead to duplicated mails because two synchronization methods are interfering.

As IMAP cannot be used to synchronize appointments, tasks, contacts and notes, it is safe to synchronize those items with SimpleSYN.

Therefore make sure no email folders (i.e inbox) are selected on the SimpleSYN client in the “synchronization settings”. Also make sure no more email folders are listed in “Status -> pending synchronization”. If there is a folder listed here, right-click it and click “Do not synchronize”.

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No, all of these devices are not supported by SimpleSYN.

SimpleSYN synchronizes Outlook installations with each other; a computer running Windows Vista (32bit/64bit), Windows 7 (32bit/64bit), Windows 8 (32bit/64bit) or Windows 10 (32bit/64bit) is essential.

If you wish to synchronize Outlook on your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android device, please contact the manufacturer of your device.

Category: General, Version 3.0, Version 3.5, Version 4.x

SimpleSYN Standard is fully compatible with the Business Version. You can only synchronize over a local network with the standard version, however.

Please note: The SimpleSYN server has to be in the same local network as the client.

Further note: The Configuration Wizard in the standard version cannot establish a connection with the SimpleSYN server if the SimpleSYN server is configured for synchronization via the Internet.

Category: General, Version 2.0, Version 2.1, Version 3.0, Version 3.5, Version 4.x

Provided you have made changes to the default settings of the color categories, you will have to manually set up the list of color categories (formerly main category list) identically on all computers. The category list is not synchronized by SimpleSYN. The assigned categories in the items, however, are kept and synchronized by SimpleSYN.

Category: General, Version 4.x

No, the trial version has no restrictions whatsoever; you have access to the full potential of SimpleSYN. There is merely a dialog window on startup informing you how many days you have left on the test version, which you have to manually confirm.  You can use and test SimpleSYN for 30 days, for free and noncommittal. After the trial period has ended SimpleSYN cannot be started.

Category: General, Version 4.x

The SimpleSYN Business Version, in addition to all the features of the standard version, offers:

  • Synchronization over the Internet
  • Filter function - for synchronizing certain Outlook items
  • Windows service - start SimpleSYN automatically even if no user is logged on to Window