Category: Version 1.0

SimpleSYN Mobile by default uses the following network connection. Those must be allowed::

DNSIP addressesPorts

Desktop app outgoing




Desktop app incoming (local computer only)


9238 (default port, configurable)

Device outgoing

*.simplesyn.app (each installation will get its own sub domain)


Note: The IP addresses in use may be changing.

Category: General, Version 4.x, Version 5.x, Version 6.x

Provided you have made changes to the default settings of the color categories, you will have to manually set up the list of color categories (formerly main category list) identically on all computers. The category list is not synchronized by SimpleSYN. The assigned categories in the items, however, are kept and synchronized by SimpleSYN.

In version 6 the function "Add new categories to master category list" is available..

If this option is activated, SimpleSYN checks whether all categories used in the items are present in the master category list during synchronization. If not, SimpleSYN adds the category name to the master category list with a default color. You can manually adjust the color to match the other PCs.

Category: Purchase, Version 1.0

Licenses are offered as lifetime licenses and also as subscription. Unsubscribe

With a lifetime license, minor updates (eg version 1.0 to version 1.0.1 etc.) are included. Major upgrades to new versions (eg version 1.x to version 2) are subject to a fee, but optional.

Subscription include upgrades to new main versions in addition to minor updates.

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