SimpleSYN Desktop version history

New Version 4.0 released 8/4/2015

  • NEW: Supports Windows 10
  • NEW: Supports Outlook 2016 (as soon as Outlook 2016 is available)
  • NEW: SimpleSYN can run as a Windows service (Business version)
  • NEW: Connected clients are displayed on the server
  • NEW: Additional filter options to exclude items from the synchronization
  • NEW: Connection type is displayed
  • NEW: Separate backup location for deleted items and folders
  • NEW: Synchronized deletions can be restored with the SimpleSYN Add-In
  • NEW: The Outlook version to use by SimpleSYN can be choosen in the advanced options
  • Completely revised user interface
  • Pending synchronization shows the full folder path
  • Enhancements in the duplicate finder (the columns can be sorted)
  • SimpleSYN now uses the .NET Framework 4.5
  • The synchronization performance is improved
  • The data gets compressed during the synchronization
  • Reliability of the synchronization is enhanced
  • Better detection for IMAP folders
  • Many additional optimizations
  • Bug fixes

Version 3.5 (Build 7528) released 4/8/2015:
  • Fixes a connectivity problem if a Firewall or other networking component caused an error while closing a connection
  • Fixes a crash while using the manual synchronization within the Outlook Add-In
  • Fixes a problem in which an item may be synchronized twice
Version 3.5 (Build 7326) released 1/29/2015:
  • Fixes another memory leak in the SimpleSYN client
Version 3.5 (Build 7323) released 1/23/2015:
  • Fixes a memory leak in the SimpleSYN client
Version 3.5 (Build 7110) released 11/11/2014:
  • When synchronizing Exchange Server accounts, SimpleSYN was always synchronizing internal changes which leads to a higher synchronization volume. This fix reduces the amount of unnecessary synchronization
  • SimpleSYN did not detect changes to the read state of items if it was not running. The read state of several items were only synchronized after additional changes occurred on the same folder
  • Fixes a performance problem when synchronizing many items with the same subject
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 6924) released 9/24/2014:
  • Fixes a minor display issue in the German version
Version 3.5 (Build 6912) released 9/12/2014:
  • Fixes a problem that SimpleSYN could sometimes stay offline after losing the internet connection
  • If the deleted objects folder was missing, SimpleSYN failed to synchronize deletions. The folder is now recreated correctly
  • The deleted objects folder cannot be synchronized manually anymore
  • The button for repairing links to contacts is not shown in Outlook 2013 anymore, because Outlook 2013 does not support contact links
  • Fixes a crash when items have a very large subject line
  • Better support for high DPI displays
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 6314) released 3/18/2014:
  • IMAP folders are not shown by default anymore, to avoid faulty synchronization
  • Exchange ActiveSync accounts in Outlook 2013 are not available for synchronization anymore. The synchronization did not work correctly
  • The default message store is now displayed correctly
  • Some new folders could not be used with drag/drop in Outlook, if the message type was not determined correctly
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 6225) released 2/26/2014:
  • Fixes a problem sometimes preventing SimpleSYN to connect over the internet if multiple static IP addresses are assigned to a network adapter
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 6215) released 2/15/2014:
  • Fixes a problem which prevents SimpleSYN from starting under Windows 8.1
Version 3.5 (Build 6213) released 2/14/2014:
  • Fixes a problem which sometimes prevents synchronization of Exchange Server folders
  • Fixes the interruption of the connection if a folder currently synchronizing was moved
  • Fixes a crash if an Outlook data file was locked
  • Adds a missing firewall rule to the Windows Firewall
  • Better support for very deep folder hierarchies
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 6004) released 12/6/2013:
  • NEW: Subfolders can be synchronized automatically
  • Improved selection of subfolders in the synchronization settings
  • Local folders are now loaded in the background and refreshed automatically
  • Improved synchronization performance
  • Improved performance when detecting changes while SimpleSYN is not running, or when settings have changed
  • Added and removed Outlook data files are shown correctly
  • Improved log functionality
  • Improved handling of locked PST files
  • Fixes a problem where emails with attachments may twice created, when synchronized between different versions of Outlook
  • Issue in which the SimpleSYN add-in may prevent sending an email is resolved
  • Fixes a crash when the SimpleSYN server is reinitialized
  • Fixes a crash when the main SimpleSYN window is closed while searching for available SimpleSYN servers
  • Enhanced recognition of items during the initial synchronization
  • Fixes several bugs in the connection establishment
  • Renaming the SimpleSYN server prevents the connection. Note: SimpleSYN clients must still be reconnected to your SimpleSYN server if the server is being renamed
  • Optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.0 (Build 5122) released 3/22/2013:
  • NEW: The Setup now installs SimpleSYN now automatically with the correct platform e.g., if Outlook 2010 64-bit or Outlook 2013 64-bit is detected, SimpleSYN will be installed in 64-bit too. Otherwise the 32-bit version will be installed
  • NEW: Allows the usage of custom connection configurations
  • Fixes a problem where the configuration wizard might hang for a few seconds
  • Fixes the problem where the SimpleSYN server stays offline
  • Fixes a problem if unexpected characters are used in the Outlook profile name
  • Fixes the crash when the security communication between SimpleSYN client and server fails
  • Fixes the crash when drawing the SimpleSYN main window if some Windows settings changes
  • Fixes a crash if a PST-file is being locked
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes
Version 3.0 (Build 5022) released 2/22/2013:
  • Enhances the reliability of SimpleSYN
  • Better support for IMAP accounts in Outlook 2013
  • SimpleSYN now uses the default waste folder instead of a sub folder for its deletions. This prevents reminders being shown for deleted items
  • Enhanced compatibility with third-party synchronization tools
  • The SimpleSYN add-in could prevent Outlook from sending emails if more than one data files are available
  • Enhanced sorting of duplicates in the Duplicate Finder
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations
Version 3.0 (Build 5008) released 2/8/2013:
  • Fixes a problem that could cause duplicated items
  • Minor bug fixes

SimpleSYN Mobile version history

Version 2.6 (Build 12417) released 4/26/2024:
  • Fixes a compatibility issue with Samsung apps and improves the reliability of the synchronization in general.
Version 2.5 (Build 12321) released 3/22/2024:
  • Fixes an issue when moving an item from one folder to another. This also applies to deleting an item from an device.
Version 2.4 (Build 12214) released 2/14/2024:
  • Changes behavior in the event of potential conflicts. If an item is changed in Outlook, simultaneous changes are now still applied by the end device, as long as no synchronized data fields have been changed.
    For any other change, conflict resolution is left to the end device. As a rule, this means that the changes are copied from Outlook and changes to the end device are overwritten.
  • Changes the behavior when an device sends unexpected or additional data fields. This data will now be ignored and the synchronization will continue. Previously, the synchronization of the affected item was rejected with an error.
  • Fixes an error when synchronization reply-to email recipients in the x64 version.
  • Fixes a possible vulnerability in the SimpleSYN installer component.
  • Changes of the available CALs are now applied in a more timely manny, without the need of a manual activation.
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations.
Version 2.3 (Build 11920) released 11/20/2023:
  • Fixes an issue that prevented a retrial period when upgrading from version 1 to version 2.
    If you have purchased a lifetime license for SimpleSYN v1, you can now test it again free of charge for a full 30 days after installing v2.
  • Deleting a device's sync status may only work if sync was manually disabled in advance.
  • The "Configuration" page has been improved when using a large number of user accounts.
Version 2.2 (Build 11818) released 10/18/2023:
  • When SimpleSYN Mobile and the sync process are running as administrator, the sync process was not detected as started. The status display of the end devices was also not available.
    Note: We recommend that you do not run SimpleSYN and Outlook as administrators for security reasons.
Version 2.1 (Build 11806) released 10/6/2023:
  • Addresses a compatibility issue that arises when using iOS 17, where certain appointments were displayed as meeting invitations instead of regular appointments.
    Note: If your appointments were erroneously synchronized, please disable calendar synchronization in your iOS device's account settings and then re-enable it.

New Version 2.0 released 9/8/2023

  • NEW: Version 2.0 is available to all subscription users at no extra cost. Users of the lifetime license of SimpleSYN Mobile 1.x are recommended to purchase an upgrade. If the current license is also valid for version 2, the new version will be installed automatically.
  • NEW: On the "Devices" page it is now shown whether a device is connected and synchronizing. The following states are distinguished:
    • 1. Offline: Device is not connected and there is no data available when the device was last connected. The icon of the device is grayed out.
    • 2. Online: It shows for several minutes that a device is connected or has been recently. The device's icon is displayed in blue, but changes to gray after 30 seconds.
    • 3. Sync: While data is being transferred, the device icon is displayed in blue and with a sync animation.
    • 4. Push Sync: If a device is connected and has activated push synchronization, the device icon is displayed in green.
    • In addition to the different device icons and colors, a text with identical status information is displayed.
  • NEW: Displays detailed messages about the status of the connection and error messages under "Information".
  • NEW: Birthdays from contacts can be skipped when synchronizing the calendar. This prevents the birthdays from being duplicated in iOS and other calendar apps.
  • NEW: Contains the Outlook add-in known from SimpleSYN with additional functions:
    • Restore Deleted Items: Allows you to restore items that were deleted during synchronization.
    • Find duplicates: Searches an Outlook folder for duplicates and similar items and allows you to quickly clean up found duplicates.
  • NEW: The synchronization status of devices can be deleted.
  • Improved: Deleted items backed up during synchronization can be automatically deleted after a configurable period of time.
  • Improved: The options on the configuration page have been better arranged.
  • Improved: Allows to start without user login and without specifying a Windows password.
  • Improved: The configuration of the advanced options now directly shows the required changes to the Windows configuration. The adjustments can be made quickly with one click.
  • Improved: The status display of the synchronized data can be sorted.
  • Improved: The icon in the notification area is now also displayed in gray if the connection to the central servers does not exist. Previously, it only represented whether the sync process was executed.
  • Improved: Outlook no longer needs to be started to send e-mails so that e-mails can be sent immediately. Note: This requires the use of the default Outlook profile.
  • Improved: Performance has been optimized in many places.
  • Improved: A link to the privacy policy has been added under "Information".
  • Improved: Allows you to disable hardware acceleration of the UI, either via a setting under "advanced options" or via the command line parameter "/rendermode softwareonly". This makes it possible to circumvent display problems on some systems, especially when accessed via remote maintenance software.
  • Improved: Deleted folders no longer appear under "Devices".
  • Improved: The product ID in the "About" dialog can now be copied.
  • Improved: When creating error reports, the path can now be copied.
  • Many more bug fixes and optimizations.

Version 1.8 (Build 11806) released 10/6/2023:
  • Addresses a compatibility issue that arises when using iOS 17, where certain appointments were displayed as meeting invitations instead of regular appointments.
    Note: If your appointments were erroneously synchronized, please disable calendar synchronization in your iOS device's account settings and then re-enable it.
  • Fixes issues when synchronizing SMIME signed emails. Signed emails were not shown correctly and attachments were missing.
Version 1.7 (Build 11506) released 7/10/2023:
  • Fixes an error when replying or forwarding an email. If the replied or forwarded email contained an invalid HTML body, the new email failed to be sent.
Version 1.6 (Build 11402) released 6/19/2023:
  • Existing meeting invitations in a calendar folder that is not the default calendar can now be answered. Note: If an meeting invitation is received by email, the default calendar must also be selected for synchronization. Otherwise, an error message will appear on the device when answering meeting requests.
  • New major versions can be installed from within the program in the future, provided that the license is valid for the newer version (e.g. subscription).
Version 1.5 (Build 11203) released 4/3/2023:
  • Fixes a bug when synchronizing birthdays and anniversaries. Birthdays might appear one day shifted in Android if the synced contact was from a address or from an Exchange server.
  • When synchronizing birthdays, any assigned appointments in the calendar are updated correctly.
  • A contact's display name or subject was not always updated when changes were synchronized.
  • The "postal code" field in the postal address has not been updated correctly. However, this field is not visible in Outlook.
  • Minor optimizations.
Version 1.4 (Build 11107) released 3/8/2023:
  • Fixes a bug that prevented the creation or modification of subfolders in default folders.
  • Emails were not synchronized correctly if they contained invalid "From" or "Sender" properties.
  • If a device requests an invalid body format of an element, the body is now marked as truncated.
  • If an email contains only Exchange server addresses, an attempt is made to determine the corresponding SMTP address from the address book. Previously, these emails were not fully synchronized.
  • Allows storing invalid email addresses in contacts.
  • Improves performance when synchronizing data within an IMAP account.
  • Fixes a bug that caused the UI to hang when canceling an update download.
  • Minor fixes and optimizations.
Version 1.3 (Build 11009) released 2/9/2023:
  • Fixes an error when synchronizing recurring appointments. If the device has sent an end date for a recurring appointment, the duration of the appointment series may not have been updated correctly.
  • If the time zone of a recurring appointment was changed on the device, an error occurred and the changes were not synchronized.
  • Recurring appointments with an invalid end date in the recurring appointment settings were ignored. The end date is now corrected and the appointment is synchronized.
  • Fixes an error in synchronizing email recipients when Outlook account settings cannot be retrieved.
  • Fixes an error that caused the internal email addresses to change unintentionally.
  • Advanced options might not have been saved if the "Enable HTTP or HTTPS service" setting was changed.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
Version 1.2 (Build 10816) released 1/12/2023:
  • Fixes an issue where some Outlook folders may not be displayed on the device.
    Note: If some folders are still missing from your device after installing this update, remove the SimpleSYN Mobile account from the device and set it up again.
Version 1.1 (Build 10726) released 11/28/2022:
  • Fixes a problem with automatic program updates.