Version history

Version 4.1 (Build 10026) released 4/25/2017:
  • Performance enhancements
  • Better handling for watching Outlook folders
  • Fixed an issue: A second instance of SimpleSYN could be started if the first instance was run by the Windows service
  • Fixed an issue: If the configuration was not accessible, SimpleSYN crashes
  • Bug fixes and optimizations
Version 4.1 (Build 9822) released 3/6/2017:
  • NEW: It is now possible to select in the options, if and when items are completely removed, which were deleted during the synchronization
  • NEW: It is displayed whether SimpleSYN is installed as 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Fixed an issue: SimpleSYN could fail to access the Outlook data file after some time. This required a restart of SimpleSYN
  • Fixed an issue: It was possible that a deleted folder was still selected for the synchronization. This lead to error messages
  • Fixed an issue: Changes during the synchronization on the SimpleSYN server were probably not detected immediately, because the folder was not checked for further changes
  • Fixed an issue: The connection could be lost if a synchronizing folder was moved or deleted on the SimpleSYN client
  • Fixed an issue: The warning message for Firewall settings in the “Status” dialog could not be closed permanently
  • Better support for high DPI systems
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements
Version 4.0 (Build 9202) released 8/3/2016:
  • Fixes a problem that caused SimpleSYN to detect too many changes
  • Enhances the initial synchronization
  • Fixes a bug in the duplicate finder that caused the detection of wrong duplicates
  • Fixes a bug when synchronizing deletions with Exchange
  • Other optimizations and bug fixes
Version 4.0 (Build 8702) released 3/2/2016:
  • Fixes a problem when synchronizing a distribution list
Version 4.0 (Build 8701) released 3/1/2016:
  • Prevents the message “The operating system is not presently configured to run this application” when using Outlook 2016 click-to-run and choosing Outlook 2016 in the advanced options
  • Minor optimizations
Version 4.0 (Build 8624) released 2/24/2016:
  • Enhances the reliability of the synchronization
Version 4.0 (Build 8221) released 10/21/2015:
  • NEW: The setup now also detects traditional MSI based installations of Outlook 2016
Version 4.0 (Build 8219) released 10/19/2015:
  • Fixes a wrong configuration setting when using custom connection configurations
  • Fixes a rare crash when using the internet synchronization
Version 4.0 (Build 8124) released 9/24/2015:
  • Fixes a problem of build 8121 that causes the client to stay offline after the connection has failed
  • Fixes a problem that prevented the client from connecting after the server was set to “paused” for a short time
Version 4.0 (Build 8121) released 9/21/2015:
  • Fixes a possible crash when exiting SimpleSYN
  • Several enhancements in the Outlook Add-In
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes
Version 4.0 (Build 8104) released 9/4/2015:
  • The Windows service component now starts SimpleSYN even if a user is already logged on. This fixes a problem with the SimpleSYN auto start functionality
  • Minor optimizations
Version 4.0 (Build 8018) released 8/18/2015:
  • Fixes a crash when showing synchronization status
  • Fixes a crash in the configuration wizard when using custom configurations
  • Fixes a missing cancel button in the configuration wizard
  • Fixes a problem in the setup program which prevents the installation of SimpleSYN on some systems
Version 4.0 (Build 8017) released 8/17/2015:
  • Fixes a crash in the 64bit version when adding a Windows user in the SimpleSYN servers synchronization settings
  • Fixes a crash after upgrading from version 3.x, if a value is missing in the state database
  • Fixes a problem in the Windows service component, which prevents SimpleSYN from starting during log on
  • Advanced Options failed to save if no Outlook session could be created. This also prevented the possibility to choose the right Outlook version
  • Enhances the status page to reduce flickering when multiple folders are synchronized successively
  • Fixes a problem that the client only displays “(refreshing name)” on the status page

New Version 4.0 released 8/4/2015

  • NEW: Supports Windows 10
  • NEW: Supports Outlook 2016 (as soon as Outlook 2016 is available)
  • NEW: SimpleSYN can run as a Windows service (Business version)
  • NEW: Connected clients are displayed on the server
  • NEW: Additional filter options to exclude items from the synchronization
  • NEW: Connection type is displayed
  • NEW: Separate backup location for deleted items and folders
  • NEW: Synchronized deletions can be restored with the SimpleSYN Add-In
  • NEW: The Outlook version to use by SimpleSYN can be choosen in the advanced options
  • Completely revised user interface
  • Pending synchronization shows the full folder path
  • Enhancements in the duplicate finder (the columns can be sorted)
  • SimpleSYN now uses the .NET Framework 4.5
  • The synchronization performance is improved
  • The data gets compressed during the synchronization
  • Reliability of the synchronization is enhanced
  • Better detection for IMAP folders
  • Many additional optimizations
  • Bug fixes
Version 3.5 (Build 7528) released 4/8/2015:
  • Fixes a connectivity problem if a Firewall or other networking component caused an error while closing a connection
  • Fixes a crash while using the manual synchronization within the Outlook Add-In
  • Fixes a problem in which an item may be synchronized twice