SimpleSYN Desktop version history

Version 5.0 (Build 15212) released 8/13/2021:
  • Due to a changed digital signature of the .NET Framework, the setup failed in case .NET was not previously installed on the target machine. The digital signature has been updated.
  • Fixes an connection error when using proxy servers.
  • Fixes an error while searching SimpleSYN updates.
  • Fixes an crash of the user interface.
  • Updated Microsoft VC++ Runtime Version 14.1.
Version 5.0 (Build 14523) released 6/22/2021:
  • Fixes a very rare error when saving the configuration that causes SimpleSYN to stop working.
  • Fixes a rare crash when showing the pending synchronization state.
Version 5.0 (Build 13315) released 1/15/2020:
  • Resolves a possible crash if file system permissions in Windows folders differ from the default settings.
Version 5.0 (Build 13126) released 11/26/2019:
  • Fixes an incorrect notification of unresolved conflicts, even if there is no need to resolve conflicts.
  • Fixes an error while loading the folder hierarchy, if sub folders are not supported.
  • The fix-up of distribution lists/contact groups will now make sure the selected contact is unique.
  • Fixes an error that caused the client to show "online", but no synchronization takes place.
  • Other optimizations and bug fixes.
Version 5.0 (Build 12823) released 8/26/2019:
  • Fixes an error in the folder hierarchy synchronization. If Outlook returned an internal error while opening a folder, it was possible that SimpleSYN deleted this folder accidentally instead of stopping the synchronization.
Version 5.0 (Build 12812) released 8/15/2019:
  • Fixes a crash when Outlook is returning an unexpected error.
Version 5.0 (Build 12806) released 8/7/2019:
  • NEW: Improves the performance when starting SimpleSYN.
  • NEW: Improves the mapping of items during initial synchronization.
  • Resolves a possible crash due to errors in third-party MAPI datastores.
  • Resolves a very rare connection problem that could cause SimpleSYN to hang with 100% CPU usage.
  • Smaller bug fixes and tweaks.
Version 5.0 (Build 12711) released 7/12/2019:
  • NEW: Improved initial synchronization between different versions of Outlook. For example, different separators in messages, or incorrectly formatted links, are handled better, eliminating duplicates during initial synchronization.
  • NEW: After SimpleSYN starts, the folder hierarchy is always transferred once to synchronize changes to it more quickly.
  • NEW: Subject line prefixes are now transferred separately to correctly represent custom values. Custom prefixes also could have lead to duplicates when a resynchronization takes place.
  • Improves error handling for custom Outlook data fields that cannot be resolved. As a result, synchronization may have stopped and continued incorrectly.
  • Resolves an issue if the synchronization state on the server has been deleted. If only a few items were synchronized once, the client did not recognize the required resynchronization and the synchronization was performed incorrectly.
Version 5.0 (Build 12621) released 6/24/2019:
  • Improves reliability when importing items with unexpected data
Version 5.0 (Build 12614) released 6/14/2019:
  • Fixes an error while deleting data fields. This error led to faulty synchronization with Outlook version 1906 (Build 11727.20104) and newer
  • Fixes an error when enabling or disabling the Outlook add-in via "advanced options"
Version 5.0 (Build 12613) released 6/13/2019:
  • Fixes a problem that date values greater than 12/31/9999 23:59:59.9 could cause a crash or a cancellation of the synchronization
  • Fixes a crash that could occur due to incorrect error handling when accessing Outlook items
  • Fixes a discontinuation of synchronization if an attachment could not be synchronized correctly
  • Smaller bug fixes and tweaks
Version 5.0 (Build 123604) released 6/4/2019:
  • NEW: Improves the reliability of the connection when using IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously
  • NEW: Improves support for local proxy servers such as Fiddler
  • Fixes an error that could lead to a disconnection if the connection used an relay server
  • Fixes an error when closing a relayed network connection
  • Fixes a problem that an unexpected data type within an Outlook item may cause an interruption of the synchronization
  • Fixes a problem that leads to no data file being available for the synchronization, if the Outlook profile contains an error
  • Removes a misleading log entry
Version 5.0 (Build 12526) released 5/26/2019:
  • Fixes the error handling for invalid Unicode characters. Invalid characters could have caused a folder to stop synchronizing.
Version 5.0 (Build 12523) released 5/23/2019:
  • Fixes an error that could lead to an invalid sync status if a pre-copied PST file was used on both computers. In this case, it was no longer possible to synchronize.
  • Fixes a recovery synchronization error with new items. In rare cases, it could have happened that one element was assigned to a deleted item on the other side and subsequent synchronization of that element was no longer possible.
  • Fixes a wrong configuration parameter in the SimpleSYN Windows service, which prevents SimpleSYN from starting automatically with Windows.
  • The standard Outlook data file is again correctly labelled as such in the user interface.
  • A poorly scaled status indicator on high-resolution monitors on the server side has been corrected.
  • Fixes an error when items are deleted from the synchronized folder during synchronization.
Version 5.0 (Build 12517) released 5/17/2019:
  • Fixes an error during the recovery synchronization of a deleted item
  • Fixes an rare crash when handling Outlook events
  • Fixes an crash during initialization of folder monitoring
  • Fixes a rare crash during connection establishment
  • Fixes a wrong version number

SimpleSYN Mobile version history

Version 1.0 (Build 9710) released 1/11/2022:
  • Fixes an error while synchronizing calendar data which caused some Android devices to not be able to edit appointments at all.
  • Fixes an error in the association of meeting requests and appointments. This error caused the iPhone or iPad to show the appointment twice.
  • Fixes an error while importing time zone information in meeting requests. Depending on the time zone, meeting requests could not be send. Also fixes an error in time zones without a daylight saving time.
  • After a meeting request was send, the meeting was not correctly flagged as being send.
Version 1.0 (Build 9601) released 12/2/2021:
  • Fixes an error in the inital configuration page. The settings were sometimes not immediately saved which causes the setup of the devices to fail.
  • Enhances the compatibility with more restrictive network environments. A fallback to plain HTTP can now happen if no WebSocket connection to our central servers is available.
  • Some internal errors were not logged correctly, which made diagnosing them difficult.
  • Fixes a crash during the detection of the synchronization status.
  • Fixes a crash while downloading an update.
  • Minor optimizations and fixes.
Version 1.0 (Build 9516) released 11/16/2021:
  • Fixes a bug when synchronizing recurring appointments. If an exception already existed for a new recurring appointment, the import of the item failed.
  • Fixes another bug when synchronizing recurring appointments.
  • Fixes a possible crash if importing a new item failed.
  • Some items were not displayed correctly on the device, if the items did not contain information about the used encoding. This was primarily the case when synchronizing notes.
  • Additional minor fixes and improvements.
Version 1.0 (Build 9428) released 10/28/2021:
  • Fixes an error when adding calendar items. Some time zones were not correctly converted, which lead to unsynchronized items.
Version 1.0 (Build 9411) released 10/12/2021:
  • NEW: Works around an error in Android devices, that forces the existence of all default folders (e.g. Inbox). This workaround simplifies the synchronization of additional PST files that does not contain all default folders.
  • NEW: Exchange server accounts can now be synchronized.
  • NEW: Simplifies the manual connection configuration.
  • Fixes an error when persisting deselected folders in "Configuration". Some times the selection was not saved correctly.
  • Fixes an error when saving new user accounts. New user accounts were sometimes not found by the client device until the main window had been closed.
  • Fixes an error when synchronizing the folder hierarchy of Exchange accounts.
  • Exchange recipients are now displayed correctly in the fields "To", "Cc" and "Bcc".
  • Fixes a silent crash when exiting the app.
  • The setup now checks the availability of the TCP port used by SimpleSYN Mobile.
  • In future, SimpleSYN Mobile will correctly restart when being updated automatically.
Version 1.0 (Build 9328) released 9/28/2021:
  • An error when synchronizing monthly recurring appointments has been resolved. Note: If you have synchronized monthly recurring appointments, they will only be corrected during the next synchronization. You can either change those appointments in Outlook to force a synchronization, or you can remove the SimpleSYN Mobile account on your device and recreate it. This will force a full re-synchronization of every item.
  • There was an error in the setup program, which prevented SimpleSYN Mobile being installed on some Windows language configurations.
  • Activating or deactivating the automatic configuration will now adjust the configured hostname accordingly.
  • Some advanced settings where sometimes not persisted correctly.
  • Additional minor fixes and performance optimizations.

New Version 1.0 released 8/19/2021

  • NEW: Synchronizes Outlook® emails, appointments, contacts, notes and tasks with with smartphones or tablet computers based on Android or iOS/iPadOS.
  • NEW: Supports Office 365 with Outlook® (x86/x64), as well as Outlook® 2019 und 2016 (x86/x64).
  • NEW: Synchronizes via the Internet.
  • NEW: Personal data is not stored in the Cloud.
  • NEW: Fully encrypted synchronization of your Outlook® data.
  • NEW: No data limit, everything is always in sync.
  • NEW: Supports proxy servers.
  • NEW: Supports starting as Windows service.