Automatic updates

Applies to version: Version 1.x, Version 2.x

By default, SimpleSYN Mobile checks once a day whether a newer version of SimpleSYN Mobile is available.

Available updates are displayed in the "Information" tab.

Updates are automatically downloaded and installed by default as soon as SimpleSYN Mobile starts or restarts the synchronization, e.g. after restarting Windows. Click "Install Update" to get the latest improvements immediately.

You can also perform the check for updates manually. When you press the “Alt” key on the keyboard in the application, the file menu appears. Click "Help -> Check for updates" to start the manual update check.


New major versions (e.g. version 1.x to version 2) are available for all subscriptions at no extra cost. With a lifetime license, upgrades to new main versions (e.g. version 1.x to version 2) are subject to a charge, but are of course optional. If you don't want to upgrade, just click "Don't show this upgrade again" in the UI to stop receiving upgrade notices.

Figure 01: Automatic updates

Figure 01: Check for updates

In the "Options" tab you can enable or disable the check for updates or the automatic installation.