Applies to version: Version 2.x

SimpleSYN Mobile cannot only perfectly synchronize Outlook® but offers additional powerful features. These can be found in the SimpleSYN Mobile menu which is directly integrated into Outlook® in the submenu “Tools” or respectively in the SimpleSYN-ribbon in Outlook®.

Image 1: SimpleSYN Add-in

Find duplicates

The SimpleSYN duplicate finder provides an easy and fast method to find and delete Outlook® duplicates. The duplicate finder searches automatically the currently selected Outlook® folder and shows all found duplicates. The duplicates can then be moved into a folder of your choice or deleted completely.

Outlook Duplikate findenImage 2: SimpleSYN Duplicates Finder

Make a backup of your Outlook® data before completely deleting duplicates.

Repair Distributions List

Distributions lists in Outlook® can contain links to contacts. These links contain an unambiguous ID which can, after being exporting and importing the list, refer no longer to correct contacts and be therefore invalid. This feature allows automatic repairs of such links. SimpleSYN tries to recover the linked contacts in the Outlook® address book. If a linked contact has been found SimpleSYN restores the link.

Restore deleted objects

Deletions and overwritten synchronization conflicts that SimpleSYN synchronizes are saved by default. Opens a dialog where you can restore items and folders..