Applies to version: Version 1.x, Version 2.x

SimpleSYN Mobile takes the security of your Outlook data very seriously. The communication of SimpleSYN Mobile is always highly encrypted by default. For this purpose, SimpleSYN Mobile uses the protocol TLS.

In addition, the SimpleSYN Mobile application is authenticated and authorized via a username and password.

With SimpleSYN Mobile, you can also share each Outlook folder of a data file individually. The mobile device can only synchronize the folders that you have previously explicitly shared for synchronization.

Your Outlook data is also not cached in a cloud service with SimpleSYN Mobile. Your data always remains local on the device and is always safe.

Important: By default, your SimpleSYN Mobile account is also accessible over the Internet. Therefore, make sure that your passwords have a minimum of complexity during configuration. Do not use easy-to-guess passwords such as "test" or "password".