Version 1.0

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For setting up the synchronization on the device, a special SimpleSYN Mobile account of the type "Exchange ActiveSync" is created.

During the first synchronization, the data is synchronized from Outlook to the mobile device. Changes made in this account after the first synchronization are always synchronized by SimpleSYN Mobile to both sides (bidirectional).

E-mails, appointments and contacts that were saved on the mobile device before the first synchronization, i.e. that are not in the SimpleSYN account, are not synchronized to Outlook because they use different accounts. If you also want to keep this data up to date in the future, make sure that this data is also available in Outlook before the first synchronization.

Category: Version 1.0

Note the following limitations when connecting Android-based devices:

Some devices require the presence of certain folders. These include the Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, and Drafts folders. If you notice synchronization errors on your device, make sure that these folders exist and have been selected in the folder list. The most common indicator of this problem is when the sync is always restarting.

Some devices only support a single contacts folder. If you notice errors when syncing contacts, make sure that only the main Contacts folder has been selected. This may be the case if contacts are not updated in Outlook when changed on your device.

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If you want to sync multiple Outlook data files, create a separate user account for each Outlook data file. Multiple user accounts are also suitable for synchronizing different mobile devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad) with separate settings.

You can manage the user accounts individually and select which folders to synchronize for each user. Thus, it is possible to synchronize, e.g., on the iPhone only the Outlook calendar and on the iPad additionally to synchronize the contacts. 

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SimpleSYN Mobile supports the following versions of Microsoft ® Windows ® and Outlook ®.

Requirements for the Windows PC hosting the installation:

  • Microsoft® Windows®
    • Windows 10, version 1909 or newer (x86 / x64)
  • Microsoft® Outlook ®
    • Office 365® with Outlook® (x86 / x64)
    • Outlook® 2019 (x86 / x64)
    • Outlook® 2016 (x86 / x64)

For the device you want to synchronize, the following requirements must be met:

  • Supports all smartphones and tablet computers based on Android version 8 and later, as well as Apple iOS / iPad OS version 12 or later.
  • Windows 10, version 1909 with Mail, Calendar and People apps.

Additional requirements:

  • An active internet connection is required. All devices must be turned on at the same time.

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With SimpleSYN Mobile, you can not only sync your emails, contacts, and calendar to your smartphone, but also sync the tasks and notes.

However, older Android devices (prior to Android 10) do not have a built-in default app for managing tasks or notes. On your Android device, you must therefore use a third-party app, such as "Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange" ( With Android 10 or newer you can use the Gmail app for tasks.

On your iOS device, you do not need an additional app and you can use the built-in tasks and notes apps.

Category: Version 1.0

There is usually no need to install an additional app on your mobile device. For setting up the synchronization on the device, a special SimpleSYN Mobile account of the type "Exchange ActiveSync" is created.

Before SimpleSYN Mobile can be used for synchronization, you must set up SimpleSYN Mobile once, configure the devices you want to synchronize and connect them to SimpleSYN Mobile.

The setup process therefore includes two steps:

  1. Installing and setting up the SimpleSYN Mobile software on your Windows ® PC with Outlook ® installed.
  2. The configuration on your devices (e.g. smartphone).

During setup on the PC, a SimpleSYN Mobile pseudo email address is automatically generated. The address has the ending and is required to establish a connection from your device.