Manual setup

Applies to version: Version 2.x

When you start SimpleSYN Mobile for the first time after installation, a setup wizard is started automatically, which guides you through the necessary setup steps. But it is also possible to set up SimpleSYN manually.

Basic settings

  1. Start SimpleSYN Mobile after installation, e.g., by double-clicking on the SimpleSYN Mobile desktop icon.
  2. Click on “Options” in the SimpleSYN Mobile main window.
    Select the "Enable automatic configuration" checkbox.

    Figure 1: Enabling automatic configuration

Set up a user account

A SimpleSYN Mobile user account must be set up before synchronization. Each Outlook data file that you want to synchronize requires its own user account.

  1. Click on "Configuration" in the main window and click on "Click here to add a new account".
  2. In the “Display Name” field, type a name.
    Note: The “Username” and “Email address” fields are configured automatically. Please make a note of the email address and do not change the address.
  3. Enter a password.
    Note:  Make sure you are using a strong password.
  4. Select the Outlook profile you want to synchronize. If this is not the default profile, unselect the check box “Use default profile. A list of available profiles is then displayed.
  5. In "Message store", select the Outlook message store or data file that you want to synchronize (the default data file is preselected).
  6. In "Synchronized folders", select the Outlook folders that you want to be selectable on your smartphone for synchronization.

    Some devices require the presence of certain folders. These include the Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, and Drafts folders. SimpleSYN Mobile will always add these folders as empty "virtual" folders if the message store does not contain them, or if you deselected these folders. They will therefore always appear on your device.

  7. In "Other settings" and "Backup", check the boxes "Add new categories to master category list”, "Backup deleted items" and "Backup deleted folders".

    Figure 2: Setting up a user account

    Changed settings on the configuration are automatically applied by the program, e.g. if you leave the configuration via another menu item. To do this, the synchronization is terminated and restarted. This is visible through a short-term "gray" in the notification area of the Windows taskbar. The setup of the smartphone can only begin when the settings have been applied and the icon appears again "colored". This process may take a moment.

    Figure 3: The icon after the change

    Figure 4: SimpleSYN Mobile is ready again