SimpleSYN main window

Applies to version: Version 6.x

To open the SimpleSYN main window, start SimpleSYN and double click onto the SimpleSYN symbol in the Windows® notification area. Alternatively right click the symbol and select “Open SimpleSYN”.

The information page shows the license information or the remaining test time as well as links to the online help.

Image 1: SimpleSYN main window


Click on “Buy” to open the SimpleSYN web page concerning the purchase of SimpleSYN-licenses.


Once a SimpleSYN-License has been purchased, click on “Activate” to open the license file. The SimpleSYN-test version will be unlocked to the full version.


Opens the online help.


Should help be needed, click on “Contact” to open the SimpleSYN contact and support web page.


SimpleSYN includes a built-in function for sending feedback and diagnostic data.