Trial version

Applies to version: Version 4.x, Version 5.x

The trial version of SimpleSYN is useable without restrictions for 30 days. During the trial, a dialog indicating the remaining time opens when starting SimpleSYN.

Image 1: Trial

This dialog needs to be confirmed manually at each start of SimpleSYN to be able to use SimpleSYN. For this click on the link “Continue”.

At the end of the trial the link “Continue” will be exchanged for the link “Close SimpleSYN” and SimpleSYN cannot be used anymore.

Image 4: Trial expired

This dialog will not be shown once SimpleSYN is licensed and the full version has been unlocked using a license file.


Click onto “Buy” to open the SimpleSYN-Website with information about the purchase of SimpleSYN.


Click to open a dialog in which to open a license file. With the help of the license file the full version of SimpleSYN will be unlocked. This dialog will not be shown again afterwards.


Click to open the online help.

License Information

Click to open the licensing terms.