Start SimpleSYN

Applies to version: Version 6.x

To start SimpleSYN do either of the following:

On the Windows search bar type “SimpleSYN” and start the found SimpleSYN App by hitting the Enter key or by clicking on the entry.

Image 2: Start SimpleSYN Window 10

After the configuration SimpleSYN will start automatically in default settings as soon as you log onto Windows®..

Exiting SimpleSYN

To end SimpleSYN, right click on the SimpleSYN symbol in the Windows® notification area and choose the entry “Exit”.

Image 3: Exit SimpleSYN

In the case of the SimpleSYN symbol not being visible, click on the arrow “Show hidden icons

It is also possible to end SimpleSYN through the main menu. Press inside of SimpleSYN’s main window once the “Alt” key to open the main menu and choose the menu item “File > Exit SimpleSYN.