Applies to version: Version 2.x

In the options tab, you can customize the SimpleSYN Mobile application on your PC.


Here you can enable and disable synchronization. Select the “Enable synchronization” checkbox to pause or continue Outlook synchronization.

If you select the "Show notification area icon at Windows start" checkbox, SimpleSYN Mobile will start automatically as soon as you log in to Windows ®.

If you want to make a backup of your Outlook data files, then disable the synchronization of SimpleSYN Mobile and close the main window. SimpleSYN Mobile then no longer accesses the data files. After the backup, you can re-enable synchronization.

Enable automatic configuration

Select the "Enable automatic configuration" checkbox to have SimpleSYN Mobile automatically set the most important connection settings. You no longer need to make any adjustments to the items "Hostname", "HTTP" and "HTTPS" in the advanced options.

Advanced Options

In the advanced options, you can customize SimpleSYN Mobile to your system environment.


Enter the addressable domain name for connections to SimpleSYN Mobile in "Hostname".

This option must not be changed if automatic configuration is enabled.

Change this setting only if you do not want to use automatic configuration and e.g only want to synchronize within your private WLAN.

Select the checkbox “Enable integrated HTTP relay service” to make it easier for devices to connect to SimpleSYN Mobile. The generated sub domain name for simplesyn.app is displayed below.

This option should be enabled if you want to synchronize via the Internet.


Configures the TCP/IP ports used by SimpleSYN Mobile to connect the devices, as well as the SSL certificate used for encrypted connections over HTTPS.

If the automatic configuration via the HTTP relay service is used, these settings must not be changed. In this case, the connection is always encrypted.

The HTTP and HTTPS settings, as well as SSL certificate, also require the configuration of the Windows HTTP service.

Enable HTTP service

Enables or disables the connection over HTTP.


Configures the port for direct unencrypted connection of end devices.

Enable HTTPS service

Enables or disables the connection over HTTPS.

This option is required only for custom connection configurations and must be disabled if automatic configuration is used. The connection is always encrypted when automatic configuration is used.

SSL Certificate

Select the SSL certificate to use for the custom secure connection.


Configures the port for direct encrypted connection of end devices.

Configuring the Windows HTTP Service

If you have made changes to the Hostname, HTTP Port, HTTPS Port, or SSL Certificate settings, you must also configure the Windows HTTP service.

To configure the Windows HTTP service, open a command prompt window or PowerShell input with administrator privileges and use the following commands.

Register HTTP/HTTPS URL permissions

These commands allow SimpleSYN Mobile to access the HTTP service feature of Windows.

netsh.exe http add urlacl url=http://[hostname]:[http-port]/ user=[Windows Username]

or for HTTPS:

netsh.exe http add urlacl url=https://[hostname]:[https-port]/ user=[Windows Username]

Important: The URLprefixes must not include a path.


netsh.exe http add urlacl url=http://localhost:9238/ user=DOMAIN\User

Alternatively, you can use a wildcard instead of the host name.

Example when using the HTTP standard port numbers:

netsh.exe http add urlacl url=http://+:80/ user=DOMAIN\User

netsh.exe http add urlacl url=https://+:443/ user=DOMAIN\User

Register SSL Certificate

If the HTTPS service is enabled, you must also configure an SSL certificate. The certificate must have been pre-added to the computer's certificate store and contain the correct host name.

netsh.exe http add sslcert ipport=[IP address]:[Port] certhash=[Certificate thumbprint] appid={619AC3A3-5058-4744-AC95-116E5E643706}


netsh.exe http add sslcert hostnameport=[hostname]:[port] certhash=[Certificate thumbprint] appid={619AC3A3-5058-4744-AC95-116E5E643706}


netsh.exe http add sslcert hostnameport=example.com:443 certhash=0102030405060708090A0B0C0D0E0F1011121314 appid={619AC3A3-5058-4744-AC95-116E5E643706}

For more information, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/http/http-api-start-page

Outlook version

If you have different versions of Outlook in use, you can specify here which Outlook version SimpleSYN Mobile should use. By default, the entry is set to "Automatic", i.e., SimpleSYN Mobile always uses the latest installed version of Outlook.


Select the checkbox “Run unattended as a Windows Service” to start SimpleSYN automatically even if no user is logged on to Windows.

If the Outlook data files are stored locally and not on a network drive, then you can enable the "Do not save password" option. Otherwise the Windows password is required. In this case, enter the current Windows password of the currently logged on Windows user in the "Windows password" field.

User interface

Select the "Always show main menu" option to display the file menu permanently. If the option is deactivated, the file menu is made visible via the "Alt" button.

If you activate the "Disable hardware acceleration" option, display problems on some systems are avoided, especially when accessing via remote maintenance software.


Activate “Check for updates” to be notified of new versions of SimpleSYN Mobile. New versions are displayed in the "Information" tab.

Activate the "Install updates automatically" option to always use the latest SimpleSYN Mobile version.

If a new update is found, it is installed before the synchronization process starts, e.g. when the computer starts. For your information, an installation window will appear that closes automatically as soon as the update has been installed.

Error reporting

If the "Enable automatic error reporting" option is enabled, SimpleSYN Mobile may automatically send error reports about program crashes and other errors during execution. These bug reports help us to provide quick troubleshooting and improve the quality of the software.

Please also note our privacy policy at: https://www.simplesyn.net/en-US/data-protection-policy#software

Initial configuration

Activate the option "Show initial configuration page" to call up the setup dialog again.