SimpleSYN notification area symbol

Applies to version: Version 4.x, Version 5.x, Version 6.x

The notification area on the Windows® taskbar shows the SimpleSYN notification area symbol. Closing the SimpleSYN main window does not end SimpleSYN but minimizes it to the notification area. The synchronization status can always be read from the different symbols.


SimpleSYN server: The SimpleSYN server is not ready.
SimpleSYN client: No connection established.

This symbol is also shown if SimpleSYN does not have access to your Outlook® data.


SimpleSYN server: Ready for operation
SimpleSYN client: Connected to the SimpleSYN server and ready for synchronizing.


SimpleSYN is currently synchronizing.

Synchronization paused

The synchronization has been paused.


An error has been detected.


There have been warnings during synchronization. These can be e.g. conflicts or invalid authentication settings.

When right clicking on the SimpleSYN symbol in the notification area, a shortcut menu opens.

  Image 1: SimpleSYN shortcut menu

Open SimpleSYN

Opens the SimpleSYN main window.


Opens the SimpleSYN main menu with the menu point “Status” selected. This shows which Outlook® folders are currently being synchronized

Synchronization enabled

Click onto “Synchronization enabled” to pause the synchronization.

Once the synchronization is paused on the SimpleSYN server, all SimpleSYN clients are shown as “Offline”.

Synchronization suspended

Click on “Synchronization suspended” to continue synchronizing.

Check for updates

Manually checks whether a new version of SimpleSYN is available. 


Opens the SimpleSYN online documentation.


Ends SimpleSYN.